Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


Taehyung had never quite understood Jimin's obsession with humans. With the beauty that supposedly came with them. He really didn't get it. Jimin was beautiful. The ocean was beautiful. The night sky was beautiful. But not those fake lights. Those burning, artificial lights humans created.

Neither were the other things they created even remotely beautiful. They were rough and crude. Nothing about them had the fine, delicate feel nature had to it. Instead they destroyed nature as they grew more and more in numbers.

They seemed to view themselves as kings of the world. Like they were special. Not realizing just how vulnerable and weak they actually were. Too blind to be aware of the dangers that laid on the bottom of the ocean. Right underneath them. As if they had wilfully chosen to ignore it.

Taehyung leaned back, his tail lazily flicking out of the water for a moment as he stared at the lights. Jimin had always seemed enraptured by their beauty, but Taehyung didn't get it. All he felt when he saw them was the urge to destroy.

He let himself sink a bit deeper into the water. Here, near the coast, the water didn't feel as good as out in the ocean. It was too dirty. Mixed with oil, plastic and all the other shit humans polluted the oceans not giving a single care.

Nevertheless, he couldn't leave. After all he was here for a reason. He was hungry.

As if on cue he heard a voice. Not far away. About a hundred or maybe two hundred meters from where he was floating in the water. Slowly he eyed the surrounding coast, searching for the source. When he properly located it, he moved closer.

It was a guy, standing on top of the cliffs, staring out into the ocean. He was talking. Maybe to himself. Taehyung didn't know, but he also didn't quite care. If there were more humans than just him that would only mean he'd get more to fill his stomach with. His hunger might be sated for longer than a week if he was lucky.

So he slipped even closer, soft tunes drifting from his lips as he opened his lips. He could tell that the boy could hear him. He'd stopped talking, his head turning more into Taehyung's direction. The cliffs he was standing on were about five meters high. The boy probably wouldn't even have noticed him if Taehyung had been human. But he wasn't and his voice could subconsciously attract from kilometers away, so of course the boy heard him without any issue.

When Taehyung was close enough to the cliff he started singing louder as he watched the boy inch towards the edge of. There was a railing between him and the ocean. The black ocean.
But that didn't stop him. Slowly he climbed over it, enthralled by Taehyung's voice.

Taehyung could almost taste him on his tongue already. The boy was still too far away for him to even smell him, but Taehyung was looking forward to his meal. Hungry and excited at the aspect of pulling the human underwater.

And then the boy jumped. He missed the rocks beneath the cliff by just a tiny bit and it really wasn't clear if he was lucky or not since it was the quicker less painful way to go. Startled by the cold water he seemed to come back to his senses, struggling to get back to the surface.

Taehyung let him, swimming closer. The moment the boy broke through the surface they made eye contact and for a second the boy seemed relieved. Probably because he wasn't on his own in the cold water. Someone else was there who could help.

But that relief didn't last long. Taehyung dipped down and pulled the human with him. Almost instantly his body began thrashing around, trying to loosen the grip of Taehyung's claws around his leg, but he couldn't.

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