Chapter 1

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Jennie -

"Jennie darling you have to run"

I stared at my father with a racing heartbeat. My mind was hazy and I felt nauseous all of a sudden.

I shake my head and tried to walk closer to him.

"No, Jennie don't come near me!"

My tears started to fall down as I try to fight the fear that is slowly gnawing my insides. My father was bleeding, he was holding the door with both of his trembling hands and his eyes were bloodshot. 

"D-dad, I c-cant"

He gave me an assuring smile and I can see him fighting himself. The mark of a human bite on his right hand continued to bleed as he slowly transforms into one of them.

"Jennie run, I will hold the door for you baby"

"D-dad I don't know where to go" I wept in front of my father, I was starting to lose hope and that maybe it's better to give up.

"You have to find the oasis baby, you have to keep going"


My knees began to buckle at the sound of the door being bulldozed while my father kept his hands firm against the knob, trying his best to stop whatever is trying to come in. He's starting to change, he's turning into one of them and that shattered my heart into a thousand.

"Jennie listen to me!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs and I squirm.

"You need to run baby as fast as you could, you have to continue and never give up. Do you hear me? You have to find your mom!" he was panting while he kept on shaking his head aggressively.

My tears didn't stop and my vision started to cloud. The rumbling sound behind the door was getting louder and louder but my father gripped the door tighter. 

"Jennie y-you have to promise that you will live and search for your mom. I want you to live baby a-and find a cure - I know you can"

"But dad..."

"Jennie promise me!!"

Breaking down into tears, I managed to nod my head but my shoulders were badly shaking.

"That's my girl. Now don't forget everything I taught you, you'll need that to survive"

The door started to crack and that was the cue that my time with my father is up.

"Jennie run!!" He screamed with tears in his eyes and I heeded his command. 

I dashed and when I looked behind, my heart stopped beating.

The dead was able to break through the door as my father watched me runaway. He smiled at me and mouthed the words "I love you" before putting a bullet on his head.

Rummaging though an old medicine cabinet, I tried to search for something that can tend my wound. I scratched my arm from the fence when I tried to run away from the dead. 

Its been three months since that day, the day where my father  saved me by holding the door for me. It's been three months since the apocalypse started and ruined the lives of many people. My mother was a simple lab researcher and my father was the head of the blue house security. 

When the disease broke out, we thought it was just another virus that would kill the host. But then something happened when the infected returned to life and craved for a human flesh. A bite from the infected will cause the victim to die and return to life as monster eating flesh.

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