Chapter 1

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"We are now about to land in Ninoy Aquino International Airport please settle down for a while and fasten your seatbelt"

I was awaken from the announcement of the captain. I am very anxious on what's waiting for me back home. Its been 4 years since I last saw the philippines. I had accepted a modelling contract for two years and was renewed right after. Because of so many projects I was not able to come home. Most of the time my parents visits me in Paris. And today was unplanned. I received a call last night that my father was rushed to the hospital. So I immediately booked the soonest flight to the philippines to visit him.

I went straight to the hospital and saw my mother with my siblings waiting outside the operating room. My dad's operation is happening inside that room. I felt my knees were trembling. As mom saw me, she approached me and hugged me. We were both crying. My siblings also hugged me. God please not today. I silently prayed.

After almost an hour a doctor came out. He went to my mom and said, "he's out of danger now. He will be transfered to a private room. Anytime tomorrow he may wake up. He had a really dangerous attack he almost didn't make it but he faught for his life. Its a miracle." I was relieved upon hearing Dr. Jimenez's news to us. Thank God. Mom said.

Early morning the following day, we were all inside the room, waiting for dad to wake up. I offered to grab a breakfast for us. My mom joined me. As we are wlking back to dad's room, with the breakfast on hand mom spoke. Can you do me a favor Aly? I didn't answer so she just continued. Can you please stay? Its been a while since we saw you in person. I missed my daugther named Alyssa. And me and your dad is not getting any younger. We really missed you Aly. I managed to drop the breakfast meals on my hand to the nearest bench on the hallway then i hugged my mom. I'm sorry mom for the lost times. Sorry for not exerting effort to be with you. Sorry I was so consumed with my career that i forgot to even visit you once in a while. I'll try to talk to momager later if she can do something with my on-going contracts or maybe if i can have a long vacation here with you. I didn't realized how much i missed you not until now. We were both crying now. She hugged me so tight. Ahmm mom i can't breath. We both chuckled. She let go of me. And mom if ever i'd be given a chance for a long vacation, lets not expect for a really long one because you know your daughter is quite famous back there and my fans would miss me too. I joked to lighten up the mood. Oh God, and hangin naman yata. Yan ba natutunan mo sa Paris? I should have not allowed you to go. We both laugh. And please, magtagalog ka. Nasa Pinas ka na anak, not in Paris. I hugged her again. I missed this mom. She hugged me back. Yeah. Me too. Tara na balik na tayo sa room. Baka gutom na sila.

As we entered the room we could hear laughter. My dad is awake. Aftet i settled all the food from my hand to the table i ran towards my dad and hugged him so tight. We were both crying. I missed you dad. I missed you so bad. Please don't make us worry again like this. Thank God your okay now. I said between my sobs. Sus namiss daw. Kung di nga ako naospital di mo man lang maisipan na bumisita. Ganon ba ang namiss? He cutely said while pouting. I hugged him again. Tighter this time. I'm sorry for that dad. I promise to make it up to you. I missed you dad. So much. I said. I miss you too my Alyssa. I miss you my princess.... ahmmm. Aly I can't breath. Everyone in the room laughed with tears in on our eyes. Ooops. I'm sorry dad. I just missed you that bad. We all laughed again. How about us diche? Leigh said. Ofd course i didn't missed you silly. Come here. They all gathered together to have a big family hug. I really missed you guys. I miss this. Aly said while wiping her tears. Oh God, we can be drama queens now. Kris cut the drama and there was laughter again inside the room.

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