Chapter 7

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Three days before Christmas.

Its been a month since Aly left for Paris. Thier wedding was moved to January. Napakiusapan kasi ng Daddy ni Kiefer ang mga investors. Tumutulong na din si Kiefer in overseeing the company of Daddy Allen.

Three days since Kiefer and Aly communicated. Kiefer tried to contact her but to no avail. She must be real busy lately to catch with her commitments.

Kiefer's POV

Season break na kaya medyo free ang schedule ko. I only have some photo shoots for commercials and magazines. Three days ko nang di makontak si Aly. Namiss ko tuloy ang boses niya. We've been constantly communicating and i even visited her once early this month. Her world back in Paris was really gigantic. I could see her face everywhere. She is that famous. Nanliit ako pagkakita ko sa mundo niya. I realized how lucky I am to have her. Circumstances may have brought us together. I never imagined this is how my story will be. At first i just learned to embrace what life has in store for me. When my dad said i'd marry a girl for the sake of business of his bestfriend i was hesitant at first and even bargained to have the wedding a short-lived contract but apart of me wants to agree. I don't know whats got into me that time. Maybe its fate's call for me to say yes.

As i saw her picture from Dani's phone I admit i was attracted to her. Not because she is famous, not because of her face but simply because of her smile that melted all my hesitations away.

The day when i first heard her voice over the phone i felt my heart skipped a beat. I don't know why but a part of me was happy to hear her voice. I was even excited to see her.

Upon hearing the doorbell from my condo, nataranta ako. It might be her. Hindi pa kasi ako tapos sa ginagawa ko. I lowered down the heat of what i'm cooking. para di masunog bago ako pumunta sa pinto para pagbuksan ang bisita. I was totally stunned to see a girl in a hoody, with a bull cap and sunglasses. She smiled to me and said hi. Mas grabe pa pala ang epekto ng ngiti niya sa akin in person. Nakadisguise pa nga siya pero i just knew that smile. Pinapasok ko na agad siya sa condo unit ko. Dahil sa pagkataranta nakalimutan ko nang pormal na magpakilala sa kanya. I tried to compose myself but still no avail. I decided to leave her sa living room and go back to what i'm doing in the kitchen. I need a little space away from her para naman macompose ko ang sarili ko. Nakakahiya na kasi ang inaakto ko.

She followed me sa kitchen unnoticed. Nagulat nalang ako nang maggsalita siya from behind offering her help. I tried to stop her but maybe she sensed how tensed i am so she tried to make the air a little calmer. I let her help me. And our conversation sundenly was at ease and nawala na ang pagkataranta ko. There was something in her that made me calm my nerves. Little did i know i was sitting confortably in front of her while eating. She really is something. Who would have thought this girl in front of me is the girl i saw from the magazines i read kanikanina lang. I cant help but smile. People may think this girl in front of me now is the intimidating, suplada and mahirap maplease, but believe me, she's the total opposite of that. Kaya pala ang daming nagmamahal sa kanya. Kasi even gaano na kalayo ang narating niya she remained humble. Kaya ang dali kong napanatag sa kanya. I was even enjoying her company kahit ngayon lang kami nagkita. Inaanak siya ni Daddy but maybe because i'm not that interested attending social gatherings on business ni Daddy kaya hindi talaga kami nagkakilala. I've heard her name also before back in college being the phenom but i was too focused then on my collegiate career because i was expecting that i won't be able to play basketball after college so i was making the most out from my time kaya siguro wala akong time. If ever i met her before, matagal ko na siguro siyang crush. Hahaha... funny me. Mukhang ngayon pa yata ako nagsisimulang magbinata.

Pagkaalis niya sa condo ko. I planned how to make our engagement more realistic. I know i might be doing this for the show but part of me says that she deserves a romantic proposal kaya i planned to serenade her. Kinuntsaba ko ang mga kapatid ko for the surprise. They also knew about the show Aly asked me to do so wala nang problema.

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