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Alas sais na ng umaga at kakadaong lang ng yate na sinasakyan nila sa isla Paraiso. Kiefer and Alyssa gracefully went towards the built gathering area in the island where the activity will start. Everyone is already there and is dress accordingly for the activity. The gathering area has five colored flags alternately posted at the boeder of the area. There are also torches erected each corners for the evening activities later. Five colors represents the five families of Bernardo and Faustina Valdez'. Red is for Adam Valdez Family ang panganay sa limang magkakapatid. Yellow for Vilma Villareal Family ang nag-iisang babae sa magkakapatid. Green for Albert Valdez Family. Blue for Allen Valdez Family. And lastly Orange for Andrei Valdez Family. The area is also surrounded by staffs specially hired by lola Faustina for this particular event. All representatives from each families had a bandana which shows also the color of they represented. Every family color-coded their OOTD according to their team color.

Isla Paraiso is owned by Lola Faustina it's Lolo Bernardo's gift to her before he passed away two years ago. It had been a yearly tradition of the Valdez Family to reunite and compete with each other. For the past 3 years Adam Valdez Family dominated the competition. Prize for the winning team is a family vacation to any place desired by the winning team for a month plus the bottom team will take charge for the management of the family business for the meantime that they will take the vacation. Every reunion, different types of competition is launched, it depends on what the event planning team will made. The planning team are specially hired also for the activity which is also the facilitator of the overall activity.

Good morning everyone!!! The crowd gave the Emcee a resounding greetings. Hello everyone i am Dianne. I will be you emcee allthrough out our 2-day fun activities here at Isla Paraiso. Before we proceed to our program lets together worship our God and bring back all the glory to Him for a very fruitful year he has given to us.

After they sang their praises and gratefulness in worship the mini program continued.

Mukhang naenergized na masyado ang lahat. So without further ado let's welcome our ever energetic, gorgeous and the wonderwoman who continued to make this event possible, Valdez Family's very own, Lola Faustina!!! Says the emcee. Everybody cheered for lola Faustina.

It's really heart warming to see everyone here Bernard must be smiling right now seeing the family he love so much. Teary-eyed na pasiuna ni Lola Faustina. Every year this event had always been the first in my list. Yes we see each other seldomly outside but this event is different because your time was solely focused to our family. Bernard started this event before because he wanted to see the family which he had been taking care of and the main reason behind all the success. This event had always been a constant reminder to us of the real treasure that we have. Lola Faustina smiled genuinely looking her five children with their family. Okay. I guess that's enough for the senti moment. Lola Faustina's voice shifted to a very energetic one. Soooo... today is a kinda different from what we used to do. Its gonna be a total shift of environment. Basically its a race. We have 7 stations. Every station has its own unique challenge. On your journey to each station you have to collect gold coins. This gold coins will be your race currency para makabili ng mga needed nyong gagamitin for the race. At the end of the race your remaining collected coins will be coverted to cash and will be sent to charity works or institutions of your choice. Another item you need to collect are flaglets from each station so all in all you must have 7 flaglets. These flaglets will signify that you finished the race. Each flags are numbered and that number have its corresponding point. 1=100, 2=80, 3=60, 4=40 & 5=20. Special tests will come your way during the test and its for you to figure out as you go along. It might be a group test or individual tests so better watch out. Every station has specific rules to follow. This race will end tomorrow morning. Any questions?

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