Chapter 30

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That magic phrase from him really stirs butterflies in my tummy. I could still feel my heart raising. I'll take this as a yes sign for what i am planning tonight. I headed to my room and prepared for our date.

Kiefer had been true to his words. Well, he was never late though.

We are now heading to somewhere only Kiefer knows where. I was just silently keeping him company. I'm quite nervous for tonight. I was looking outside, deeply thinking everything that i could grasp. I was cut from my reverie when i felt a hand cupping my left hand. I glanced his way. He gave me a short smile then back again to focus his vision on the road.

You okay M?

Yeah. I'm perfectly fine. So san tayo pupunta? Tried to change the topic.

To the place we first met. He said with a smile.

Magtatanong pa dapat ako to confirm the place I am thinking when the car halted. Nakarating na kami sa venue. And it answered my question. Kiefer went out first then hurriedly open the door on my side and assisted me on coming out. He led me the way. I've never been to his condo but i know that his condo is in this building in front of us.

Welcome back to my very own condo M. namiss ka daw kadi ng place ko so i decided to bring you here. baka din kadi makatulong s memory mo. We used to hangout here before mo ako sinagot. He said as he led me to me inside his unit.

My eyes wandered around his condo. trying my luck for even a glint of memory about this place would come out. But nothing came. I just heave a sigh.

Ang lalim naman nun M. You okay? I gave him a nod and a smile. assuring him everything is fine.

you sure?

yes. don't worry. I just tried my luck on my memory. but nothing came. I smiled to Him widely enough to brush his worries away. I saw him surrendered then quickly changed to a very excited Kiefer. He didn't turn all the lights on. some part of it was still dark. maybe part of the kitchen and the balcony.

your smile is creepin me out wierdo. you were just worried a while ago and now you're smiling from ear to ear. dapat na ba akong kabahan? Tinawanan niya lang ako then he clapped his hand. The light went off again. it was totally dark now. Then i heard a violin playing. The song is familiar. Its my favorite song 'When God Made You'. then suddenly, one by one lights are lighting forming an aisle leading to the balcony. then in the balcony a romantically set table for two was waiting for us. I looked for Kiefer. He was there standing behind me with a bouquet of blue and white tulips. My kind of color. I smiled to him. No wonder he made me fall for him quickly.

he slowly walked his way to me and handed me the boquet. I willingly accepted it. thank you Kief. its beautiful.

Nothing beats your beauty M. He lead me to the balcony. As we were walking on the 'aisle' the song was still in the air soothing our ears. Then suddenly something popped up fom above then a tarpaulin unrolled right in front of us. A phrase was written on it saying "Will you be my Girlfriend..." then just after maybe 5 seconds, a little paper just beneath the tarpaulin unfold with the word Again with a question mark. Kiefer is now in front of me waiting for me to answer. I never thought he planned to ask me tonight but thank God he did. I wouldn't know how to open the topic if ever. Yes your right. I was planning to make his courtship a step higher. After hearing from my beshies that this man is my husband, i should at least give him a spark of hope not to stop on what he is doing. And I really wanted to make him smile after all the pain he is suffering now. I was just intently looking at him with a smile. I cant stop the butterflies on my tummy and i kinda like what i'm feeling. I like the feeling Kief brings me. He was smiling to me, his eyes shows what he feels... i could see longing, love and sincerety.

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