Chapter 2

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Hey Kiefer do you have any plans tonight? -asked von. We just got out from shower after a heavy training.
Wala pa akong plano for tonight. Pero mas masarap yata matulog lang magdamag. Napagod ako sa training natin kanina. -i replied.
I played for Talk n Txt for PBA. This might be my last year on palying my favorite sport as I promised my Dad that i'll handle the company 4 years after I graduated from college. I asked kasi to give me time to play on national ang international leagues. He did grant my request but for only 4 years. So far i had a really amazing career after college. Ang sarap pa nga sanang ipagpatuloy hanggang magsawa ako but a promise is a promise. I never break my promises so here i am making the most of my PBA days.
Kayo ba ano plano nyo tonight?-kiefer
Punta kami sa bar ni Dawn. Magchichill lang. Ano sama ka? -von
We were walking towards our cars when suddenly my phone rang. I immediately answered the call.
Hello son!!! Can you come home tonight. Let's have a family dinner. -Daddy Bong
Dad you're just in time. I'm about to go to my condo na sana. But since you invited me i'll go straight to the house now.-me
Ok son. See you later. Ingat sa pagdadrive. -Daddy
Sure dad. See you in a while. Bye. -me

So i guess you can't join us tonight huh. -von
Sorry dude. Maybe next time. Sige una na ako. -me

Its just 5 pm so idecided to grab some krispy Creme along the way. Its Dani's and Thirdy's favorite kasi. I arrived home around 7 pm. They're all waiting for me nalang. Dani came running to me and gave me a big hug. Namiss ako ni bunso. He then grabbed my hand ang lead me to the dinning table where everyone is waiting for me. Nagkiss muna ako sa parenta ko and fist bump ky thirdy then we started eating.

So Dad whats special tonight? - Kiefer

Hindi na ba pwedeng naglalambing lang ako kasi namiss ko lang makita na kompleto ang pamilya ko?-Daddy Bong

C'mon Dad. I know you're not the senti type. I know you have something to talk about thats why you called for this dinner. Though we know you missed us too. -kiefer

Hahaha... Okay fine Kiefer you won. Well i actually called for this dinner for business matters. -Daddy

Okaaay Dad continue.-Kiefer

Well my bestfriend's company needs a little help. He was rushed to the hospital lastweek because of heart attack. He might be overthinking of the condition of the company thats why his health was affected. He just got discharged yesterday. Thank God he survived the attack. He called me last night and asked for help since he cant force his daugthers to manage the company. And so far his two in-laws have thier own businesses to attend to. Some of his investors are slowly withdrawing from his company as it is shaken financially. So i offered help. But the only help i could offer is our name. If the investors will know that our company is merged with them, they might not continue thier plans of withdrawing thier investments.-Daddy

So what will be the proposal for merging?-Kiefer

Well the easiest proposal would be marriage. Though i haven't suggested it yet to him because i still have to talk to you if you would agree. -Daddy

So what will be your other option if i wont agree with the marriage Dad?-Kiefer

Well I will be sending you to thier company to help them solve thier current dilema, at the same time it will be your training ground as you will be handling our business soon. So that would mean that your 4 year time for your basketball career will be cut off immediately because you have to attend to the problem of thier business. -Daddy

That would be really unfair. And what would be in store if i agree to the marriage?-Kiefer

Well as far as i know her second daughter is a really good catch. She's a model and a volleyball phenom. You may know her because she really is very famous. And another thing, i can extend to one more year your PBA career as a bonus because i can handle thier business by my own as my friend only needs at least 3 months rest, after that he will be back to managing his company. Though you will be the one to manage the company after your Basketball career.-Daddy

So how long must the marriage last?-kiefer

Well, that would be someting we have to agree with the Valdez family. -Daddy

Why can't you just help them without me getting married to his daughter?-kiefer

Because it would really be hard for us if we just do that. The company is really on the brink of failing now. The easiest way to hold the investor is having a stable company to lean on as assurance that the company can rise again. If we would risk simply helping them on the management of the company it could be a total waste of time and effort.-Daddy

Wow. Thier company is really in big trouble. I'll think about that dad. But at least settle the span of time that we must be married. Is divorce on the option after a year or two? Maybe if that's part of the condition, i will marry her.-Kiefer

You're really not yet ready to get married huh. That's why you wanted assurance for your freedom. Okay then i'll put that on the options.-Daddy

Thanks dad. Okay then, i'll marry her. When will i meet her?-Kiefer.

I'll inform you once everything is settled with his family. -Daddy

Well then. Everything is settled between us. Can we talk about other things now? Its almost Christmas, don't we have plans on family vacation?-kiefer.

The phenom. Alyssa Valdez. Kuya, i just searched your fiance. She's really famous. She's my volleybelle idol. Oh gosh, i will be able to call the phenom 'ate'!!!-Dani exclaimed.

Kiefer went to Dani's side then view her phone to see the face her soon to be wife. She saw a smilling picture of a girl. She has a very contagious smile. She's beautiful. Not bad for a wife i guess.

Kiefer was not aware he was smilling from ear to ear while looking at her picture. His family saw his reaction and became hopeful that something good will happen from the marriage.

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