Chapter 28

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I was walking on a shore of a very lovely beach. Its nearly paradise. Its almost sunset. I'm waiting for it, i wanted to witness the sunset beauty of this place. I was patiently waiting for the moment when someone from behind hugged me and cupped my hands. I hold into his arms and lean slightly to his chest. Then the sun started to set. And slowly everything else was perfect. We were both immersed with the beauty in front of us. Light blue, Red, Pink, Orange, yellow and white colored the sky in a very lovely way. He kissed my exposed shoulder. I tried to lift my head up and glance his way to see his face but i can't. I was trying so hard to find his face but it seemed like my eyes are to heavy to look up. And when i finally successfully open my eyes to see his face, i heard him say, you are lovelier than the scenery in front of us, then i saw a blank wall.

I just woke up from a very romantic dream. It was perfect. But i was not able to see the face of the guy behind me. That scene might happened in my lost memory. Arggg!!!! just when I am about to see his face... I frustratingly  get my phone to check what time is it. Its already 5:20 AM, too early for me to wake up. I just went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Its past 6 am and I'm in my kitchen undecided what to cook for breakfast. I still can't remove my head from the dream i had earlier. It feels so true and i could feel it happened to me before. That guy hugging me from behind could be the missing piece of my memory. I can feel butterflies on my tummy remembering how he kissed my exposed shoulder and saying how beautiful I am. If ever i fell in love, and if ever that dream was part of my lost memory, i could say that I fell in love with a romantic man. I closed my eyes trying to remember my dream, his built and his touch into my skin and his kiss. He might be just 2 or 3 inches taller than me. He has well toned abs and a lighter complexion than mine. And that voice, i know I heard it before and even the words he said in that dream felt like I've heard it many times already.

Its not the first time I've dream of this man since I worked for our company. I even kept a dream diary for me to list down my dreams and bit by bit connect the pieces of my lost memory. One time I dreamed i was cuddling with someone on my bed. It was not a wet dream because we were just cuddling, and i felt very comfortable though with those cuddles. Another dream was about me and the same no face guy buying souvenir items i guess, and we've been shopping hand in hand, literally hand in hand. And lastly I've dreamed of that man taking care of my disguise before going out of his car. He is still a mystery to me.

A part of me wanted to believe that those dreams are bits of my lost memory and a part of me tells me it is impossible to fall in love for a short period of time. I knew myself enough that i am not capable of falling that easily, unless i was swept off my feet by that man and boom, I am in love. Argh... Why can't I just remember all of it i one time? Tsk... If only someone could tell me every single detail that I need to remember...Kiefer. But he is not willing to tell me everything. May pasuspense pa kasing nalalaman eh. tsk.

I was cut from my thinking when i heard someone's buzzing. I am not expecting someone this early. If its Kiefer, he would just come inside without my notice since he has a keycard to my unit. I was surprise to see Kiefer as I opened the door. He has his wide smile plastered on his face. Urgh... Too charming for my morning. Tsk.

Himala Ravena at hindi ka pumasok agad-agad. Nawala ba ang Key card mo sa unit ko? I tried to act mataray just to cover up my defenses. I can't just melt in front of him because of his charming smile.

Nah..ah.. Not really, I just don't want to barge in. baka kasi mainvade ko na ang privacy mo. Nahihiyang napakamot si Kiefer sa kanyang batok. I brought breakfast. I hope You haven't taken your breakfast yet. He said as he lift his right hand holding a bucket with the breakfast inside.

How can I say no to that yummy breakfast you have. and it smells familiar.  Halika Kief pasok ka. I said while leading Kief to the dining table.

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