Chapter 4

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Kiefer's POV

Today is tuesday. I dont have training today but i still woke up early to have my morning jog. I went directly to seven-eleven to grab a sandwich and coffee for my breakfast. Tinatamad kasi ako magluto. Pauwi na ako sa condo with my sandwich and coffee in hand when i received a text message  it from Dad. He is informing me that i will be meeting the my fiance and her family tonight. Dinner will be at Valdez Residence. He also texted me the adress. Dun nalang daw kami makikita-kita.

I took my shower first before taking my breakfast. As i was about eat i remembered the event tonight. I don't know but i felt excitement. I'm excited to meet the phenom i guess. She is beautiful and famous. She really  is attractive. Any man would feel the same way if they are on my shoes. He just spent his day watching TV, games of alyssa, and he bought also magazines where Alyssa was the cover or featured. He needs to know her soon to be wife so that he could adjust to her standards i guess. Kelangan ko din kasing makisama sa kanya ng ilang taon. At least malaman ko man lang kung may mapagkakasunduan kami.


Alyssa's POV

I woke up late because i slept late last night thinking of the marriage. I went to the dining area right after doing my morning rituals. I saw my parents, Kris and Liegh happily eating.

Good morning diche. -Leigh greeted.

Good morning everyone. I kissed them one by one then went to my assigned seat. I asked for a cup of coffee and a sandwich from manang. Nasanay na kasi ako na sandwich lang for breakfast.

Aly tonight your Ninong Bong's family will come. We will have dinner with them. You will meet Kiefer your fiance. -Daddy

Okay dad. I will be here tonight. -Aly

Fiance? You have a boyfriend already ditche? How come we haven't met him?-Kris

I'm so sorry Kris and bunso. We hid our relationship from the media and I was planning to introduce him to you on Christmas but since i got home early. I'll grab this chance to introduce him to you. So please  inform ate Shane and your ate Gen for our dinner tonight okay?- aly said. She looked at her dad to send him signals on her plans. Her dad nodded. She doesn't want her sisters to know its an arrange marriage so she made up an alibi.

I'm excited to finally meet him ate. He must be gwapo because he finally tamed your pihikan heart. -Liegh

Hahaha... you'll meet him tonight and be the judge if ate has a good taste of men okay?-Aly jokingly said.

Even if you woudn't say i'll do that ate.- Liegh.

Sige na kumain na kayo baka malate pa kayo sa school. -Mommy

We finished our breakfast. Kris and Liegh left for school.

Dad, can i ask for the contact number of kiefer if its okay? I need to meet him before the dinner to make my alibi realistic dad. - Aly

Yes. Its in my phone. Kiefer is the name. My phone is in our room. Just get it there.-Daddy

Thanks dad. I'll be just in my room mom.-Aly

She kissed here parents first before leaving the table.

After acquiring the phone number of Kiefer she went to her room immediately. And went to the veranda. She dialled Kiefer's No.

After two rings Kiefer answered.


Kiefer's POV

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