Chapter 27

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Someone's calling me or more like busting my slumber. Kinapa ko ang bedside table ko para makuha ang cellphone ko. Hello? I answered without even viewing who's on the line. 

Good morning M. You're ready na? First day mo today sa office diba? Bumangon ka na dyan at maligo. See you later sa office. He didn't even bother to let me talk back, pinatay na kaagad ni Kiefer ang phone nito. Yes si Kiefer ang tumawag. Agad na akong nagtungo sa banyo to ready myself pra pumasok sa office. I just wore a Sheath dress and a blazer to top it, just enough to look corporate I made big curls din sa end ng hair ko to bring it some life. I'm also wearing my eye glasses from eye society.  (See picture below. Isipin nyo nalang na si ALy yang nasa picture. ;-)

She then went to the kitchen to grab something to fill her stomach but she was surprised to see a ready breakfast for her waiting at the table

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She then went to the kitchen to grab something to fill her stomach but she was surprised to see a ready breakfast for her waiting at the table. She found a note saying, 

"breakfast for a beautiful lady. I prepared your favorites. Enjoy munching. See you later." -M

He knew my favorites. Egg and bacon sandwich and a cup of black coffee (kapeng barako from Batangas). My favorite breakfast. Napangiti na lamang ako sa paborito kong breakfast na nakahain. Another revelation from Mr. Ravena. Tsk. Ano nga kaya talaga ang ibig sabihin ng 'M'? I have to find out soon. 

Andito na ako ngayon sa labas ng office ni Kiefer. I saw Sharlene, his secretary. 

Good morning po Ma'am ALyssa. Sir. Kiefer is waiting for you inside na po. Pasok nalang po kayo. She didn't escort me to Kiefer's room na so I directly went to his office. I knocked first.

Come in! Dinig kong sabi niya mula sa loob ng kanyang office. I opened the door and found Kiefer busy on his laptop.

Good morning. I smiled to him. He glanced my way. There was a bit of a pause bago siya tumayo para salubungin ako. Tsk. He doesn't have any reservation to at least not let me know he's drooling on my beauty.  He gave me his charming smile and a customary beso.

So welcome to your first day of work I guess. Nakangiting sabi ni Kiefer sa akin.

Well yeah. so saan ba ako mag-ooffice? -Aly

Since, i'm just the temporary boss here. And soon enough this will be your office so sa ngayon makikishare nalang muna ako sa office mo. I brought another table para magamit mo. You can use anything inside. -Kiefer

Oh come on. Hindi mo ba ako ilalagay muna sa mababang position? like clerk maybe sa accounting department? -Aly

Nah. You don't need to. I can just ask each department to give you a report about the company and you can ask me questions if things are not clear to you. -Kiefer

Mga paraan mo Ravena masyadong obvious huh. -Aly

I saw Kiefer scratched the back of his head. And tentatively smiled to me. Ahehehe.. Masyado bang obvious? Hehehe... Pero sorry wala ka nang ibang magagawa about it because technically i'm  your boss starting today.... until it lasts. His awkward smile turn into a smirk. Tsk. He really knows how to make use of his charms. 

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