Chapter 29

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I just woke up from my sleep. Its still early, 4:10 in the morning. I looked for my dream diary. Yes, you guessed it right. I dreamed again of Him. And its the second time i dreamed about the same dream But this time he has a face. In my dream he was serenading me and my family. But the song he was singing doesn't just implied his feelings for me but implying that he wanted to marry me. He was singing for my daddy first. Asking for his permission. My dream ended when he knelled in front of me and asked me to marry him. And that's when I saw his face clearly then I woke up for no reason. I tried to sleep again hoping for a continuation of my dream but with no avail. Now I'm writing another entry on my dream diary. I recalled my dreams by reading through the pages on my entries. My dreams are trying to tell me that I had a boyfriend who proposed to me. I tried to imagine his face on the other dreams I had that he has a blurred face, and I can say that the body built, his height and his voice matches. So all throughout my dreams it was referring to that same guy. I am a psychologist by profession, though I was not practicing it, I still can't take it out my system. And for now, I'm dealing with the most intriguing issues of human beings---dreams. I always believe that dreams are ways for the subconscious to communicate with the conscious state. It was just kind of rumbled so the messages is up to the dreamer to interpret it. So evaluating my dreams, there are two scenarios I'm confused, these dreams I have been experiencing might be my sub-conscious mind trying to communicate to me about my forgotten memories. But evaluating myself, in that short period of time, I can't believe that I fell in love to someone whose brave enough to ask me to marry me. That's not so me. And that guy should've been courting me at least a year to make me say yes being his girlfriend. As far as I could remember, the last time someone courted me was about a year ago, and I basically dumped him because I can't see him to be more than friend to me. Judging from the dreams I had, the guy was really sweet, caring and he cooks my favorite dishes. He really loves to cuddle and he loves to spend time with me If he has the time. These dreams are very familiar to me, it brings happy and heart melting emotions into me but still I cannot erase that fact that I cannot fall in love for a really short period. So this can't be my lost memory but rather a prophetic dream. Something that will happen in the future. Which lead me to think, that I'm certain now, that I am developing a something for Kiefer. Speaking of Kiefer, he asked me on a date today, he told me to wear the dress he bought.

It was just yesterday when Keifer told me quite a bulk of information about my lost memories. Tama nga pala talaga ang desisyon niya na huwag sabihin sa akin muna ang lahat. He haven't spilled to me everything though. He just told me until about the day I went back and sinurprise ko pala siya sa condo niya pag-uwi ko and I asked him to come with me sa Palawan para sa family reunion namin. Another information I am not sure about of. It was just our fifth meeting yet i asked him to come and join our family reunion.  Ang dami ngang nangyari but i can't seemed to connect all the pieces. Too much for me to take in.

Speaking of yesterday, may nasabi pala siya na kumanta siya sa harap ng pamilya ko sa may pool banda. He didn't told me what song he sang. But my dream kanina lang is confirming that scene. Kaso lang naguguluhan talaga ako bakit marry your daugther ang kinanta niya. It was just the second time we meet yet nagpropose na kaagad siya ng kasal sa akin? Or baka naman yun lang talaga ang napagkasunduan ng karamihan na siyang kakantahin niya. Hays.... Ang gulo!!!

Matawagan na nga lang si Den. Baka may alam siya. I took my phone and dialed her number right away. Di naman nagtagal ay sinagot niya kaagad ang tawag ko.


Good morning Den!!!

Oh Alyssa napatawag ka?

Ah eh.... Free ka ba today?

Yeah kakatapos lang ng shift ko sa ospital.

Ay sayang naman. Sige matulog ka na muna. Night shift ka pa la ngayon.

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