chapter 3

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*dixie pov*

ok i've seen this house on videos and stuff but i never knew it was gonna be THIS big, and a bunch of teenagers run it, of god.

"penny for your thoughts." addison asked me. "i'm scared" why do i keep saying weird things to her ugh. "why, what's up?" "i'm not sure, i guess i just feel uneasy about all this."

i am uneasy about this, think about it. like i have no skill whatsoever. i guess i can just hope for the best now.

"hey addison? just wondering where am i staying, like my room that is. i'm staying in here, obviously." god damn it, why am i such a MESS.

"uhm i honestly don't know sorry, thomas usually assigns the rooms." she kinda rolled her eyes at thomas and i loved it. i know not many people like him which is funny to observe.

"so where should i sleep, like it's 2am and i'm pretty beat. i can crash on the couch for the night, i honestly don't mind. charlis gone off with avani so i'm not really sure what to do." i ramble on, she must think i'm so weird. great.

"are you kidding me?! your not sleeping on the couch your sleeping with me." my eyes widened at that statement which made her realise what she just said. "as-as in like rooms not-ugh you know what i mean." she said in a funny flustered sort of tone. i couldn't rlly explain.

and then it hit me. where am i gonna be sleeping, like in the same bed?? or does she have 2 beds. i cant ask her tho, i'll seem like a right freak. and she already thinks i'm weird enough!

i follow her up to her room and it was so nice! it was like what every 13 year old girl would want. "your kidding me right? this is so nice! does every room look like this or is it just yours?" her room was so cozy and cute and wow!

"aww i'm glad you like it and no, i'm just a bit extra with decorations. you don't mind sleeping in the same bed tho? i can totally sleep on the floor don't worry." she smiled setting her things on a dresser.

are you kidding me right now, did she really just offer to sleep on the floor.
"yeah no, i'm totally fine withit. i would never let you sleep on the floor!"

"aww your so cute, thanks" she smiled at me.

"do you mind if i get changed real quick?" i asked her, and i have no idea where any bathrooms are. "sure, no promises i won't look tho." she joked.

she joked. i freaked out. i just quickly slip into a hoodie and some loose shorts and get into the bed. a few moments later she get into the bed with me so i pretended to be falling asleep because i have no idea what to say to her.

addison quietly whispered "goodnight." and turned the side lamp off. i was still totally freaking out but i eventually fell asleep.

IM MESSING UP THE TENSES I AM AWARE 😭😭 idk why it happens it just does and i'm sorry if it gets confusing :(

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