chapter 5

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*few weeks later, the girls have gotten really close*

dixie pov

i wake up and feel weight on me. it was addison, her head was on my chest and her arms hugging me. she was so cute words can't explain.

"wakey wakey, were going out todayyy!" charli burst into the room. at least a knock would've been nice!
"shhhh addisons sleeping" i say in a whispery shout.

"oh sorry, wait r u guys together?" she questioned me, it was a genuine question too. who does she think she is?! "dude no! get out!!" i wave my spare arm about. she leaves the room and shouts 'we're leaving in about an hour and thirty so be ready!!'.

i notice addison starting to wake up so i just grab my phone and scroll through instagram. i used to have my insta notifications on but that quickly changed after like 2 days of being in this house. it's kinda crazy how fast i've gained. i honestly don't do much.

"morning pretty" addison said in a raspy morning voice. she moved up and put her head on my shoulder and hugging my waist. i'm not sure why she was still hugging me. but i'm not complaining, being around her gives me the most amazing feeling ever. i've never felt it so strongly before and it's kind of cool."morning sleepyhead" i reply back to her

"what are we doing today?" addison asked hugging into me even more. something was up, probably a bad dream.

"i'm not sure, charli said to get ready. apparently we're going out somewhere."

"oh? i wonder where"

"we have like an hour to get ready so imma hop into the shower real quick ok?" i thought she'd get the hint and let me go, i didn't wanna push her off.

"so can i go? or..?" i looked down at her. she looked back at me and said "can i join you??"

my eyes widened "dude!!"

"hahahah i'm joking!! chill!" she laughed at me. i felt myself blushing which wasn't ideal.

about an hour later i was fully ready so i went downstairs. i saw addison and bryce talking on the couch, it was obvious that he was flirting with her. i felt a huge feeling of jealousy and i'm not sure why but i decided to break their conversation off by sneaking up on addison and hugging her from behind.

"we're leaving in about 5 mins are you ready?" i say still hugging her and lightly kissed her cheek, i wanted to see bryces face and he gave me a confused look.

"yeah i'll just get my shoes." i let go of her and smiled at bryce. i'm walking towards the door when i hear a loud door slam and obnoxious laughter. it was avani and charli. as they walked down i notice charli had lipstick on, she never usually wears lipstick which is good since she couldn't put it in correctly.

"charli where are we going and why haven't you told me??" i whine.

"i would tell you, but i don't wanna." she cheekily smiled at me and i stuck my middle finger up at her.

"we're going to some fair for the day, santa monica pier." avani said while popping a piece of gum in her mouth.

"thank you avani." i say staring charli down. i realised they were wearing the same same lipstick and i got suspicious. i wasn't gonna day anything about it yet, i was gonna annoy her in the car.

we were getting into the car and addison asked me "you jelous?". "jelous? of what?" i tried playing it cool. "you know what, don't worry though, i'm reserved for you" she smiled and looked at me. i didn't know how to react to that i gave her a 'bitch what the fuck?' look and then she bursted out laughing. i was expecting her to say 'jk' or 'joking!' but she never did.

there was a lot of us going to that fair. we had to take two cars, tony was driving ours with ondreaz sat at the front. it was rlly tight at the back since charli insisted on having avani with her which meant there was four people at the back.

"i like ur lipstick char" i noticed avanis eyes widen. charli immediately checked and touched her lip and found that there was lipstick on it. "avani i like your shade, it's very similar to charlis although she did a terrible job at putting it on."

"dixie, what are you trying to say" charli furrowed her eyebrows. "nothing i just wanted to compliment you, well, avani, you did a very, umm-"

"ok! i don't know how to put on lipstick properly can we drop this now?!" she snapped at me. avanis face was bright red so she turned her head to look out the window but i saw.

i turn to addison and she immediately whispers "do you think they-" "oh yeah 100%" i reply not even letting her finish.

we arrived at the fair and there were so many fans, i was not ready for it at ALL.

i'm too lazy to read through it so if it didn't make sense then i'm sorry :(

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