chapter 4

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*dixie pov*

my alarm woke me up at like 7am, which is way too early. i hear addison mutter something along the lines of "5 more mins" which is understandable. i hit snooze and go back to sleep, its not like i have to go anywhere today. im not sure how much time has passed but my alarm goess of again and i wake up to addison literally hugging me from behind and i freak OUT.


"morning dixie." she quietly says with a sleepy morning voice, honestly it was adorable. the thing is she just untangled her arm from me and sat up like nothing happened. "sorry if i was cuddled into you, its just something that happens. you can push me off yano?" she smiled and reached for her phone.

push her off? me? hah in your dreams bitch, i would n e v e r. "no its ok don't worry." did that sound chill? i have no clue. "hey do you mind if i film a tiktok with you?" she asked pressing the app.

"no not at all, just saying im not much of a dancer, that's all charli." i say with a chuckle. addison clicked on a sound and I had no idea what it was. she filmed for a bit and then she laid on my shoulder. i simply just smiled hoping i didnt look too bad next to her.

"is that okay?" she shows me the video and i didn't look half bad "yeah sure, it good" she then writes something in the caption and posts it. a couple of seconds later i get a notification saying 'addisonre mentioned you in a video'. the caption said 'met this cutie last night @dixiedamelio <3'

"ok so that's one out of the three today.." i heard addison mumble to herself. "one out of the three?" I ask. "oh, we just have to post minimum three times a day. a stupid rule that Thomas made, takes all the fun out of it-." "wait so you don't like what your doing?" was she being serious? "no don't get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE what im doing, but i wanna post at my own pace yano? not having expectations on me."

"damn that sucks. i wont have to do that will i?" i aint posting shit if he tells me to. "charli doesn't always post, does that mean it doesn't apply to everyone?"

"not exacly, you see he cant really tell charli what to do, if she leaves the 'hype house' it wont have that much 'hype'.." "wait so your telling me that mole rat is using my 15 year old sister for clout?!" i was so mad.

"dixie! no! well, i don't know, i don't know anything or what his deal is, but don't jump to conclusions so fast cos I don't know what hes plotting."

"ok well imma get ready, I feel like im gonna get filmed a lot and I don't wanna took bad. or worse?" no denying I feel like a scruffy noodle next to addison.

"one more question, where's charlis room? i need to see her for a sec."

"two doors down to the left, iyou should find it, it has like brown coffee stains on the door."

"oh my god, ok thanks" i smiled and left to speak to charli.

ugh i'm sorry this took so long but i hate this chapter so much grr

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