chapter 1

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*dixie pov*

"DIXIE!!" i hear charli yell from downstairs? "coming" i reply back, my suitcase was twice the size of me and it was extremely heavy, i definitely overpacked but i'm not really sure what to expect. this so called 'hype house' is actually scaring me a bit.

i know that all of the people in that group are super kind and genuine but apparently their 'leader' isn't all nice. charli's told me a lot about him and i've hears story's and rumours but i don't know what to belive.

"so you excited dix?" charli yelled from downstairs. "i mean i guess, i'm kinda scared though, like, you know everyone and ur friends with everyone and i'm not sure what they'll think of me."

"oh cmon dixie you know everyone will love you, now hurry up and get ur ass downstairs right now!! if u carry on at this pace well for sure miss out flight!"

"ok jeez! i'm coming, this bag is super heavy though"

*couple hours later on the plane*

i'm scrolling through instagram and this one girl catches my eye. "charli? who's this girl." i point with my thumb at a gorgeous blonde. "that's addison, she's like one of the sweetest people i've ever met! i think you guys are gonna get a long very well not gonna lie."

ok so no one told me gods favourite was gonna be there! and we're gonna get along? pah! charli's wrong she's way too perfect. i search up 'addisoneasterling' on tiktok but only fan pages came up.

"hey charli, what's her tiktok name?"


"ugh oh my god, addisons"

"ur rlly interested in her huh?" charli joked

"what no! i just wanna see what she posts"

"addisonre, here i'll show you."

i looked at charli's phone and typed in her name i scrolled through her account and wow! words cant explain, she is so pretty and her smile melts my heart. i was debating on weather or not i should click follow or not but i mean, i was about to meet her so why not.

i'm not sure where i'm taking this story yet but this is the first chapter so i hope u liked it :)

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