chapter 11

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*dixie pov*

things between me and addison were amazing and our friendship was almost unbreakable but there was a problem. my feelings for addison grew stronger and stronger everyday. i had no idea how hard it was being friends with someone you might be in love with. the shipping and constant comments saying 'she's defo not straight' or 'they're so into eachother' we're not helping.

i don't try and make it obvious but i have been caught staring at her multiple times. either by friends or in videos, i can't control it, she's literally breathtaking.

"hey wanna do something fun?" addison asks. i take it a completely different way. "yeah sure" i reply. "let's draw eachother, i'll get the paper and pens." she shoots up and gets the things. i'm not much of an artist but this sounds fun. 2 mins later she arrived hands full with colourful art supplies and paper.

"ok i'll go first, sit still and pose." she was so demanding, but it was kinda hot.
"i look like shit can i at least change?" i ask. "shut up your adorable now can i start drawing? i'm a talented artist you should know." she says playfully. "yeah ok whatever."

we take turns and make one drawing each before revealing our masterpieces. addisons was surprisingly amazing, she was actually quite good at drawing wow. mine didn't turn out so well, she kinda looked like someone punched her in the face and stretched her nose.

"wow addison this, this is actually so good what the hell." i say surprised

"aww thanks, so is yours." she giggled as she said that. cutest thing ever!

we laugh at my drawing for a bit but her phone rang. "it's my mom, i'll be right back ok?" and with that she left the room. i decide to tidy up and i put the drawing addison made in a little shelf where i put all my favourite things in. no one knows about it but it has a bunch of things that mean a lot to me. there's a literal rock in there, it was the first time me and addison got into a play fight and she threw a rock at my toe and so i kept it.

i waited for addison to come back to our room and went on my phone for a while until she came back. i was scrolling though the hashtag dixison and my feelings were so strong it was crazy. about 15 mins later addison walks into the room my heart glows everytime i see her.

"i'm back" she said.

"i missed youuu" i say playfully.

"my moms coming in a week" addison said

"why don't you seem excited?" i asked

"no, i am it's just- you know what, don't worry about it, a long story and-"

"we have time, a lot of it so cmon, tell me" i patted the side of the bed so she'd sit next to me.

"umm okay, so the last time i was at home, i kinda told my mom something kinda personal and scary and well, she didn't have the best reaction.." she unsurely spoke. "she made this face, like she was disgusted to look at me, she kicked me out didn't speak to me since, that's why i'm spending so much time here, i don't wanna see her yet. i'm not ready"

her eyes were watering and she looked so vulnerable, i felt so sorry for her. "addi i'm sorry" she simply fell back into my arms and I held her tight until she felt better.

we lay there for what felt like hours, we just lay in a comfortable silence just enjoying eachothers presence. I wondered what she told her mum to kick her out? who'd wanna kick Addison out shes an angel for fucks sake.

"I love you." addison spoke, those three simple words made my heart skip three beats I knew she didn't mean it like that shes said that before but this time it felt different, a kind of different I couldn't wrap my finger around. she looked up at me waiting for me to say it back but I panicked. there was so much tension between us, our faces mere inches apart, our bodies glued together. I could've sworn her eyes looked down at my lips. I wasn't controlling my actions, instinct took over me, I leaned in closer to her and closed the small gap between us.

I was so terribly nervous, the kiss only lasted a few seconds because the worst had happened. she didn't kiss me back.

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