chapter 7

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*addison pov*

my brain couldn't process what just happened. the ride was fixed and we were back on the ground and i still haven't said a word to dixie. i was in complete shock, ive never been like this before it's so weird. like what do i even say to her? i just wanna find the others so the tension will break.

we're walking in silence which was super awkward until i heard my phone ring, it was tony. "yo addison, wheres you and dixie?" he asked through the phone. "we're trying to find you guys i think, where are you, we'll come to you.". he told me their location and we went in their direction. still no word from dixie, was she wanting me to say something? was i meant to speak?

we met up with everyone and decided to head home. charli once again insisted on having avani by her side. i'm pretty sure there's something going on with them, i'll find out eventually.

i really wanted to say something to dixie, but i didn't know what. the car ride home was awkward, avani and charli were in their own worlds and tony and ondreaz were talking about their own things so it was just me and dixie.

"hey addison? i'm sorry, i didn't meant to- well i did but-" she blabbed out, i didn't expect to hear her voice. "no dix dont worry about it." i smiled at her and we started talking again which was perfect. i was dreading of going back into my room, well it's basically our room now. dixie never went to her assigned room which i am not complaining about. sharing a room with dixie is amazing.

after about an hour we returned back to the house and i realised we never told everyone what happened. "hey yall wont belive what happened to me and dixie, the ride literally broke down and we were stuck right at the top."

"yeah literally, for like 30 mins. i was about to shit myself." she interrupted.

we all hung out downstairs posting our instagram pictures we took and just talking. at about 11pm i decide to go get ready for bed and dixie followed me.

"congrats on winning." i saw while walking into our room. why on earth would i say that. now i've made everything awkward again great job addison.

"thanks it was easy." she smirked. what? i swear i cant read this girl."what time is it?" i ask in hopes of changing the subject. "it is..11:48" it wasn't super late but i was exhausted.

i get ready for bed and hop in sooner followed by dixie. i didn't know if i should like, cuddle her or not? i've gotten so used to having her in my arms it's weird not having her right next to me.

i noticed she was still on her phone so i tried falling asleep before she put it down in hopes of not making it anymore awkward for myself. or maybe i was being completely stupid and overracing over everything. 

*dixie pov*

i had no idea what was going on with addison. maybe i went too far? or maybe she just thinks i'm completely weird. whatever it is i hope it doesn't last long.

i put my phone away and lay there awkwardly waiting for her hug but she never did. "addison i need my hugs what are u doingggg" i randomly blurt out. why i gotta be so fucking random jeezus.

"huh what sorry, i thought-"

"ugh don't think. less thinking, more doing"

and with that she cuddled me and we were back to our normal position. and it's never felt better, i gotta be honest, i cannot sleep without addison. i need her by my side. i'm not sure what i'd be doing if it wasn't for her.

i almost immediately drift off to sleep and i felt a soft and gentle kiss on my forehead before sleep took over. it was the nicest feeling ever. i don't know what it is but i don't want it to go away.

sorry if there's mistakes and stuff, i'm not too good at spotting them oops🤧

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