chapter 9

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*dixie pov*

i woke up with a banging headache. i did not wanna open my eyes cause i knew that the second i did the pain was gonna be so much worse. i feel around the bed if addison was there and she wasn't.

"addison?" i quietly ask. i didn't hear a response so i had do choice but to get up. the second i opened my eyes and focused on something my head started aching horribly but then i noticed a glass of water and advil on the bedside table. addison must've put it there, she knows how bad my head gets when i drink but i had no clue where she was.

after about 20 mins of just laying in bed with my eyes closed the pills started to work and i decided to go downstairs to see what was happening. there was a huge huge mess and there was people sleeping everywhere. i was guessing addison was not gonna be down there so i just went back up.

i go knock on charlis room to see what she's doing and she was sleeping but there was someone next to her. i walk further into her room and realise it's avani. i don't know why i was shocked, i saw it coming. i quickly take a cute photo of them and leave the room. since i thought literally everyone was sleeping i went back to addisons room and she still wasn't there.

i was scared that she did something with someone. or she was sleeping in someone else's bed or she wouldn't let him. i was overthinking and starting to become worried about addison. i call her and ask where she is but something started buzzing in the corner of the room so wherever she was she didn't have her phone on her.

about 20 mins past and she just walked in with 2 drinks in her hand. "hey dix- oh i thought you'd still be sleeping." she said surprised. "me and bryce went out to get some coffee since we were the only ones awake." she smiled and handed me the coffee. ugh bryce, why was he awake, why wasn't I awake. "thanks." i smile back at her.

"how's ur head feeling?"

"good, better but i have literally zero memory of what happened last night. like i don't even remeber going upstairs to sleep or like anything zero nuthin, what about you?"

"same heh" that was a rlly awkward 'heh' bets she knows and i'm guessing i did something stupid.

"omg what did i do?" i ask half wanting to know half not.

"nothing i have no idea, honest." she was obviously lying and now i really wanna know.

"oh cmon addison i can read you like a book, tell meeee i know you know pleasseeee" i pleaded trying to look cute but knowing i was failing miserably.

"cute. the only thing i remember charli telling us to go to sleep and- turning the lights of" she hesitated for a moment. what did charli say?

"dude i swear i cant remember ok?! honest." i believed her that time, ish.

i really REALLY wanted to find out what happened cos it feels weird not knowing anything. i hang with addison for a bit, take a shower and do my makeup before heading to charlis room.

i didn't really care if she was awake or asleep it was late enough and it was time for her to wake up. i butt into her room without knocking yelling 'hey char!!' and walk in on avani and charli in a really awkward position. i didn't think much of it since i was more interested in knowing what happened.

"i would question yall but i need answers, so! charli please can you fill me in on what happened last night cos i don't remember and you don't drink thank-" i got interrupted by avani.

"so BASICALLY you and addison got really drunk cos you weren't doing any dares and then you got dared to do something that ended up in a really heated make out session, like you two were proper going for it in front of everyone. and THEN charli was like 'eeew noo!' and broke you apart and dragged you upstairs as kinda yelled at you ish which i thought was really hot. and then she came out and we went to the bed and we-"

"AVANI!! she asked me not you stupid. ok so basically-"

"no no, no no no, nooo. i don't want anymore stories thank you." i didn't wanna hear anymore. we were proper going for it'?! WHAT?! i needed a break. i grabbed my keys and my phone and got in my car and just drove. no idea where i was going but i didn't wanna see addison. i know that was a bit dramatic but i don't wanna loose her or for things to be awkward. i just needed to think before saying anything too her.

sorry if this is dragging i legit dk what i'm doing and ik this is getting boring but i swear it's gonna get better. i think, maybe idk i hope, ok bye

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