chapter 6

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*at the fair*

*dixie pov*

there's so many people screaming for us and i was so scared. "oh wow, hah i was not expecting this." charli said looking out the car window she looked so nervous. i saw avani squeeze her hand reassuringly and wiped her lip because she still had lipstick on. she really shouldn't wear lipstick.

"you ok dixie?" addison probably sensed me being scared, but i'm not sure why i was most people are here for charli. "yeah i'm good" i smiled at her and she practically jumped out the car and greeted the fans. she loves meeting new people which is something i admire. she's always so sweet and kind to fans it's crazy.

after a while the crowds died down and  we decided to go on a couple of rides. it was really fun though i was starting to get a headache from all the screaming. "omg can we go on the ferris wheel? please please pleaseeee" addison pleaded.

i agreed with her but the rest wanted to go on a bigger more exciting ride which i understood. we made it way through and ran into a bunch of people but we finally made it. the ride looked sketchy but i didn't say anything about it.

"imagine getting stuck at the top" addison said looking up at the top. "dude why would you even say that?!"
my voice went super high pitched, oops. "what, are you scared? of a ferris wheel?" she laughed at me.

"no!! well, yeah they go so slowly and make the scariest noises, truly terrefying not gonna lie." it is true, i'm terrified of ferris wheels. "oh you big baby cmon it'll be fun" and with that she grabbed my arm and we went inside the ride.

it was making horrible noises it kept squeaking and cracking but addison thought nothing of it. she was just talking in the view of the city but i did not wanna look down. we were coming close to the top then i hear a loud snap and the ride stopped. i started to FREAK OUT.

"SHIT SHIT WERE GONNA DIE I DONT WANNA DIE ADDISON PLEASE OMG SHIT SHIT AHHH-" my head was running wild. i mean it felt like i was gonna die no denying that. "dixie calm down, look at me. we're gonna be just fine! nothings happening we've just stopped ok? your with me sweetie don't worry." she sat down next to be and hugged me tight, it was a protective hug and it actually made me feel a lot better.

"you jinxed it" i chuckled. "i don't believe in that stuff, i guess we're just unlucky." she hugged me even tighter and i closed my eyes and prayed that everything will be ok.

about 20 mins had past and we still hadn't gotten down and i even felt addison start to freak out. "hey addison."


"why did the picture get sent to jail?"

"umm i don't know."

"because it was framed."

"hah that's so dumb." she smiled. i just wanted to see her smile, it was perfect. everything was perfect about her, in fact i don't think i've ever met anyone more amazing than addison. she truly is a gift to the earth.

"dix, the view is down there" i was staring, oh god. i went bright red and she definitely saw it. "aww your blushing" she chuckled.

"you'll be blushing in a second of u carry on" i said intimidatingly. "oh yeah? try me"

"is that a challenge."

"oh yeah" she said confidently.

at this point we were sat kinda facing other on the floor. i accepted her 'challenge' and i thought of ways to win because i  h a t e  loosing. then i thought if the perfect way.

i basically straddled her leaned in to see what she would do and she did exactly what i thought she would. "dixie, what are you-" i put my finger on her lips and ran it down to her bottom lip. kinda cliche but it worked.

i looked her up and down then made it feel like i was about to kiss her, like on those clickbait youtube thumbnails and then backed away. when i did she was left a blushing flustered mess. i think i won this one.

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