chapter 10

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*dixie pov*

my phone was blowing up from calls. why was everyone being so dramatic? for all they know i could be getting food or something. i check my phone and i see: charli: 4 missed calls, avani: 2 missed calls, addison: 4 missed calls, bryce: 1 missed call, griffin: 2 missed calls. why was bryce calling me?

i decide to call charli back since she is my sister. *on phone*

dixie: hey char, what's up?

charli: dixie where the fuck are you?! you just ran out and left!! get back right now.

dixie: excuse me your not older than me so shut the fuck up and don't tell me what to do and i'm just getting uh, food.

charli: yeah sure ok whatever, come back soon bye.

charli ended the call on me. what was her problem? now i just had to buy food and waste money when i ain't hungry, great.

i ended up getting a small sandwich and a smoothie. when i pulled up to the house the gates immediately opened which meant charli was stalking me. i get out the car and walk in and to my surprise charli was stood there waiting for me.

"well hello there."

"dude what is your problem? why are you so mad at me jeez, i literally only went out to get food!" i show her the bag for proof.

"mkay" she just walked off. i really do not understand her. weirdo.

i was left alone in the living room and that's when everything actually went into my brain. what avani told me, i don't know if i believe it i don't wanna believe it but i'm pretty sure, judging by addisons behaviour, it was true. but surely i wouldn't just KISS one of my best freinds right?

i had no idea what to think the only person i wanted to speak to was kate. she always made me feel better but i can't exactly see her since she's back at home. i take my phone out my pocket and click her contact while sitting on the sofa.

kate: hey!!

dixie: hey kate.

kate: about time you call me it's been like a week dixie!

dixie: dude i know i'm so sorry it's just extremely hectic here i really miss you though.

kate: i miss you too, so what's up?

dixie: funny you ask umm, ya know addison?

kate: yeah.

dixie: yeah well umm, something happened but i don't know if i should believe it or not.

kate: what are you on about.

dixie: avani told me that well, *whispers into the phone* we made out when we were drunk.


dixie: DUDE!! I BEING DEAD SERIOUS, she was acting fishy this morning as well so like.

kate: your funny dix.

dixie: kate i swear to god.

kate: well what do you want me to do about it, ask her? can't exactly do that can i?

dixie: NO! no do NOT speak to her, i repeat do not-

kate: ok dix i got it. who initiated the kiss then?

dixie: what i have no idea, i can't remember a thing.

kate: well yall seem to like each other so
why wouldn't u go for it whilst being drunk?

dixie: excuse me who said she's into me.

kate: me.

dixie: yeah ok whatever your useless.

kate: i love you so much!!

dixie: love you too horsey.

i ended the call and it actually made me feel better. kate always knows how to make me laugh and i love her for it. i'm still unsure about what happened but everything's adding up to be true.

i put my rubbish in the bin and go upstairs into mine and addisons room. i was hoping she wasn't gonna be there but she was. "hey ads" i play it cool, like i don't know a thing.

"oh hey dix." she said not looking away from her phone. "whatcha lookin at?" i asked. "ok dixie i need to tell u something but promise you won't hate me!" she suddenly burst out, addison basically threw her arms in my face. "what sure" i reply causally.

"i have perfect memory of what happened and i feel like you should know." she spoke really quickly.

"go on" i encourage her

"we may or may not have done some ungodly stuff, drunk decisions." this bitch really just said 'ungodly' imma show her ungodly in a sec. no god, what is up with me jeez.

"so by ungodly you mean sex? damnit was i any good?" i tease her, i wanted to see her reaction.

"no dixie u dumbass, we made out." she spat out, her cheeks were burning.

"right yeah. but was i good?" i have no idea where all that confidence was coming from but i'm lovin it.

"what i-, i dunno" she stuttered out.

"what do you mean? come on addison, i just wanna know." i pleaded her.

"dixie!!" i give her her a look meaning that i genuinely wanted to know.

"yes." she said super quietly.

"sorry what was that?" i question her."

"yes." she says in the exact same tone before.


"yes!! it was the best kiss i've ever had okay?! jeez will you stop?" she snapped at me. i guess i did push her a little too far. but to be honest she was the first one to bring it up.

"sorry adds, i went too far. but 'the best kiss you've ever had'? wanna go again?" i jokingly ask, half serious half not.


"okay! okay! i've finished!" i decided to stop questioning her. she was a hot mess.

i didn't really know what was gonna come next. i left the room to give her space then i sat down on the couch and put a blanket over me. i was just going through my phone, watching edits and replying to some dms.

about an hour passed then i heard some footsteps. it could be anyone but of course it had to be addison.

"look dixie, i don't know what to say so can we just forget it and carry on with our lives like nothing happened?"


"yeah no problem, i mean we were hella drunk. wanna watch something on netflix?" i gesture to the tv and open my blanket for her to come in.

"the office?" she asks. "you know it." i reply with a cringey wink. she cuddles next to me and we watch for a few hours and i think we fell asleep for a while.

it felt so good just being there with addison so close next to me. it was so right, i'm not sure what she feels towards me but i really wish my memory would come back because we kissed!! omg what i would give to kiss her this very moment. her lips looked literally perfect and soft, i just wanted to hold her and call her mine but it was so much easier said than done.

SORRY I TOOK SO LONG I JUST DIDNT HAVE ANY MOTIVATION SORRY AGAIN. i hope this chapter isn't a let down ik i said it was gonna get better but idk. also if yall have any ideas i'll gladly try put it in :)

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