chapter 2

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*dixie pov, in LA*

"charli are you sure someone's coming to pick us up?"

"yes omg will you just chill!"

how am i supposed to 'chill' when i'm about to meet a bunch of famous people!

"they're like 5 mins away ok?"

"who's 'they're'?"

"addison and avani, they said they 'i'm rlly excited to meet dixie but don't tell her that cos i don't wanna seem desperate' hmm" charli said that in a really monotone voice.

"who said that?"

"what do u mean 'who said that'?"

"well you said 'they said' but then the message said 'im' not 'we'."

"dixie what the hell are u on about"

"ugh nothing forget it-"

"they're here!" charli almost screams, i thought she wasn't that excited but i guess i thought wrong.

i watched the car pull over and the two girls get out, theyre both extremely stunning, but addison..

"hi! i'm so happy to meet you oh my gosh!" addison practically jumped on me. me being me, i didn't know how to act. i returned her hug and introduced myself to avani.

i was honestly in complete shock, i don't think i've ever seen anyone as stunning as addison. she sits next to me in the car because charli insisted on being at the front. charli and avani were just chatting away and laughing obnoxiously. i had no idea what to say or do.

"so are you into girls?" i blurt out. WHY DID I SAY THAT OH MY GOD IM SUCH AN EMBARRASSMENT AHHHH.

"uhm i mean i'm not quite sure yet." she replied with awkward chuckle.

way to fucking go dixie, nice one. i'm so stupid omg. "what about you?" she then asks me. "me?" "i'm not talking to anyone else silly." she says playfully. "i think..." i awkwardly reply.

she plainly just smiles at me and looks at the view out the window, but my view was so much prettier.

mkay so i'm trying to like make dixie actually seem like dixie but i'm not sure if i'm doing a good job 😅

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