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Lauren's POV

I watched as Jack left the formal with Sammy. Deep in the pit of my stomach, I ached for Jack despite what I knew. He was sweet, charming, and loving. And there was something about his eyes; the way he looked at me made me feel all too familiar lately.

My memory was like a car trying to start up with a weak battery.

I continued dancing with Matt and he moved closer, causing me to rest my head on his shoulder. But then my posture quickly straightened. His cologne had triggered something.

"Everything alright?" He asks me.

"Mhmm," I cleared my throat. "I just feel a little weird, that's all."

"Weird how? Do you need to go back to the hospital?" We paused our dance and he became thoroughly concerned.

I smiled. "I'm okay. I'm okay. I know you only care, Mattstradamus."

He jumped back with surprised eyes.

"You haven't called me that in years," he stated. "You remember that?"

It felt like the fog in my brain was clearing up. Things were coming back in pieces. It was as if someone came and turned the lights on.

I nodded in response to Matt's question and he almost jumped with excitement. "Holy shit. What about Jack?"

The name echoed in my head and without question, I ran towards the door; careful not to trip in my heels.

There were so many doors side by side in the lobby and most of them were locked. I finally found an unlocked one and ran outside. I looked left and right and saw Jack near the end of the parking lot with Sammy. I knew I couldn't run there in time once I saw them about to get into the car. A wave of adrenaline built up inside me and I shouted as loud as I could.


He heard me...pausing right next to the car door. I ran toward him, out of breath but still shouting ZERO SIX ONE THREE over and over. He began walking toward me and I finally slowed down. His lips were parted and his eyes were glistening.

"Zero Six One Three," I said more calmly. "I don't remember every little thing, but I'm starting to remember the important things, like us." I was starting to get choked up.

Jack sniffled, still not saying a word. He was still trying to process everything that just happened. His bottom lip began to tremble and when he finally blinked, a couple tears trickled down his cheek. He inched closer toward me.

"I smelled Matt's cologne," I continued. "And it reminded me of when I surprised you in New York. Because he sat next to me on the plane, I think, and he wore that. It triggered that memory. Even the bad ones - that night."

Now he was merely inches from my face, his forehead against mine.

"Don't think about that night. I just want..."

"What do you want," I whispered.

He gently shakes his head and presses his lips against mine, wrapping his arms tightly around me as if I was about to fly away.

"I love you too," I told him between kisses. He smiled and continued kissing me.

"Welcome back to Earth, loser," I heard Sammy say next to us.

"Young Sir," Jack spoke in his accent again. "I require you take my lady and I back to our home."

"It would be my pleasure, your highness." Sammy sarcastically replies.

Jack's POV

I didn't deserve her. I came to terms with that. But here she was, right next to me. I've been given another chance and I wasn't about to fuck it up again. I made her a promise a while ago and I haven't been keeping it. It's time to change that.

I didn't even come up for air while in the backseat of Sammy's car with her. My body trembled against her and I was slowly losing my control. I missed her so much that it's caused a frenzy within me. Sammy laughed as soon as we got to my apartment because we quickly hopped out of the car. She ran up the stairs in front of me, laughing, almost falling back downwards but I caught her. We kept kissing as I felt through my pockets for my keys. I hated having to stop to unlock the door but we got inside.

I didn't bother turning on the lights and we barely made it to the bedroom. She struggled to untie my tie and ended up just leaving it. I threw off my blazer and she unbuttoned the first five buttons of my shirt, revealing my chest. I didn't realize where the bed was as I was walking backwards so I fell onto the bed, chuckling and bringing her down with me. We finally relaxed a bit, kissing for a while. Her tongue felt so good massaging mine. This was home, she is my home.

She crawled off me, never taking her eyes off mine, and stood up. She turned around and peeked back at me and I got up to unzip the back of her gown, slowly, gracing her skin with my fingertips as I went down. I unbuckled the halter strap and began kissing the back of her neck. I kissed every little dark freckle, making my own constellation. I nibbled on her earlobe and made her softly moan. I wanted to give her everything, all I had.

"I love you," I breathed into the kiss.

"I love you too," she whispered back.

I didn't realize how far we had moved from the bed but I sat down on a chair that was by the window. The moonlight was shining through the horizontal blinds. She straddles on top of me and I just hold her for a bit, nuzzling my cheek against her chest, listening to her heartbeat. I looked up at her and she ran her fingers through my hair.

"Sorry I took a long trip," she joked.

"I'm just glad you're back," I replied. I poked my lips out and she kissed them.

She smirked and then got off my lap, walking to the side of the bed and reaching into the nightstand. She pulls out a condom and grins. "I need a new birth control prescription. Until then, no more babies. At least not right now."

I laughed. "I see you also remember where the condoms are."

"I thought everyone kept a box in the nightstand. That's how it is in movies."

I brush my finger tips down her forearm & take the condom, tossing it onto my desk. "We don't have to do all that tonight."

She looked confused. "No?"

"No," I smiled. "I just want to remember beautiful you are."

Her expression softened. It was as though she just fell in love all over again. I stood up and swept her off her feet, carrying her back to the bed.

"My moon and my stars," she breathed.

"You watch too much Game of Thrones, babe," I chuckled, kissing her collarbone.

"I am Khaleesi," she laughed.

"Okay Khaleesi," I continued to kiss her glistening skin.

"That's what I thought."

"I don't wanna leave this room. We should have a repeat of the end of winter break," I groaned.

"I don't remember that part yet but maybe you can refresh my memory?"

"I'll do whatever you want. Fuck everyone else, I'm yours. I'm thinking of even give up the whole music thing."

"Jack, no. You can't," her eyes grew worried.

"I might."


Author's Note: Gilinsky's super in love. Will he drop Johnson like a bad habit to keep Lauren? Should you expect the unexpected? :-P

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