Chapter TWELVE

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Lauren's POV

Matt and I shopped for a while before I had us sit down in the mall's food court. I sat down in front of him and folded my arms. He looked confused, poking his head forward.

"I found out we never dated," I spoke.

"What do you mean? We did date," he responded while gulping.

"Matt, cut the shit. I was told and I found my old diary. I've only dated Jack and Chase. Care to try again with the truth?" I pursed my lips.

He took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair. "Okay, we didn't. I just wanted to see what it would be like to, you know..."

"Be my boyfriend?" I shook my head. "You could've just asked me normally instead of rolling with it. I'm already on edge when it comes to trusting people."

"...I'm so sorry, Lauren. You can tell Jack I'm sorry too."

I shivered at the sound of Jack's name. But it wasn't a bad shiver. I may not be able to find my memories before the incident but the memory of the way Jack looked at me and the way his hands felt was enough to create a flame in the pit of my stomach.

"Lauren?" I hear a delicate voice say behind me.

I turn around and see a girl with the most beautiful curly reddish hair. She had freckles and plump red lips. Her entire ensemble down to her nails, had me envious.

"Hi?" I said to her. She looked at me in confusion and then looked at Matt.

"How have you guys been? I haven't seen you at school, lately."


"Lauren this is Mahogany," Matt chimed in. "You guys are friends."

"Oh...hey," I beamed. "Sorry, I had a little incident not too long ago. My memory of a few years have been...compromised."

Her hands covered her mouth. "No way. Amnesia? I am so sorry." She hugged me and rubbed my back. "It's okay, we'll be great friends again. So are you taking a semester off or something."

"Yeah I'm pretty much repeating my classes in the fall. Or maybe I'll wait until Spring. Who knows? Life is short." I take a few big gulps of my water.

Life is short in all sorts of ways. I've been spending my days in the deepest thought in my bedroom. I would stare at the ceiling while I drew spirals on my stomach, thinking about how huge the universe is and how we're just molecules. And even though we are so infinitesimal, we must make the most of our miniscule lives & miniscule moments. No matter what size, color, or gender we are, we are equal molecules on this blue marble and we have to remind ourselves just how delicate life & time is.

Of course, these thoughts only popped into my head after being told I knocked on death's door. 

Mahogany knocked me out of my cosmic trance.

"Are you guys going to the formal? I mean, if you can," she asked.

"I'm still a student, I think I can still go," I replied.

"I'm going," Matt smiled. "We can go together if you want, Lauren."

I tilt my head at him. "After what you did, I might just go alone."

He nodded and looked at the floor.

"But," I continued. "If you're cool between now and then, I'll save you a dance."

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