Chapter SEVEN

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Two scoops of parmesan cheese...bread crumbs...perfect.

I decided to cook for Jack for when he returned from the studio. I cleaned up the entire apartment, got rid of the weed smell, and used Sammy & his fake I.D to get a couple bottles of red wine. The place smelled of Italian food. I had went all out. I dressed up in a black dress, curled my hair, and did my best smoky eye. The table for 2 was set up perfectly, thanks to many searches on Pinterest & YouTube.

...7 PM
...8 PM
...9 PM
...10 PM

He still wasn't home. I was on my 4th glass of wine, leaning on the kitchen counter when I went through my phone and saw Jack was tagged to yet another thrilling photo with Stassie. The caption read 'Stass and the new bae'.

I felt my blood reach boiling temperature as I took a screenshot and sent it to him. All I wrote along with it was "cool."

But it wasn't cool. None of this was. I felt like the Hulk; I was going green, and I smashed my wine glass on the table without meaning to. It broke while still in my hand and my splattered blood mixed in with the red wine on the counter.

"Shit," I loudly whispered to myself. "Shit."

I rushed to the bathroom to wash off and patch up. The food was now cold and my heart was beginning to freeze up too.

. . .

Jack's POV

I stumbled in as the sky began to turn blue again. The apartment smelled heavenly and it looked spotless. I noticed the dinner table set up and started to feel worse than I already did. She cooked for me...for us. I wasn't sure what to do or how to feel. She was asleep in bed but didn't bother change out of her dress. Her hand was all bandaged up, she must've cut herself while cooking.

No matter how angry I've been at her, she was still the most beautiful girl I've ever met. Everything feels like a contradiction in my head because I love her, but now Stassie is growing on me. It's like I'm being sucked into some unfaithful abyss.

I didn't dare sleep in the bed with Lauren so I fell asleep on the couch again.

The sound of her cell phone ringing shook me out of my sleep a couple hours later, echoing through the apartment. She answered, sounding raspy and stuffy. I barely opened my eyes but I could see her from the couch as she sat up in bed.

Hello?...Hey mom...yeah I've just been studying hard that's all, I just woke up actually...Jack?...he's...he's doing good. He's a hardworker, gonna be a star...okay you too, bye.

I watched as she quickly hung up and tried her best to keep her emotions together. She sniffled and wiped her eyes, clearing her throat as she shook her head until she was normal again. I felt so conflicted but I took a deep breath and acted like I was just waking up. She gets up and leans against the door frame, looking at me.

"I cooked for you last night," she spoke.

I nodded at her without saying a word and then pat next to me on the couch for her to come sit down. She joins me and I put my arm around her. I kiss her forehead and just...look at her. In the back of my mind, I'm kicking myself.

"I forgive you," I tell her. She sighs in relief almost crying and I wish she didn't. "But..."

"But what?"

"I've just been so busy with everything. Sometimes our relationship is a bit distracting." I sucked at lying. "I really need time to think and sort things out. The EP is only halfway done, if that. I just-"

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