Chapter TWENTY-ONE: Final Chapter

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"Is this an intervention or something?" Johnson lightly chuckled.

"Who's your friend," Hayes asked with stars in his eyes. I wanted to barf.

"This is Madison," Johnson answered. "I think Jack knows her well." He said that in a condescending tone and Jack did not approve.

"Barely," Gilinsky added, his eyes squinted.

"Do you guys mind if she hangs with us?" Johnson closes the door.

"I don't," Hayes said, basically beaming.

Matt shakes his head at him. "You need Jesus, Hayes."

I rose my hand. "I mind."

"Well that's too bad," Madison hissed.

My eyebrows rose and I started chuckling, taking my earrings off. Jack kept saying 'babe' and grabbing on to my arms to calm me down.

"She doesn't know me!" I put my earrings back on.

"Hey, hey," he kisses my forehead. "Take it easy."

I took a deep breath and stood up. I needed these guys to talk like men, not little boys, and no one would be backing out of this one. I took Jack's hand, bringing him over toward Johnson & the mistake he was with. Then I take Johnson's hand and take the boys toward the back sliding door.

Madison scoffed. "Wow slut, need em both?"

As soon as I turned around, Gilinsky put his arm across my chest.

"I'm cool, you don't have to restrain me," I told him. "Listen, Madison was it? I have a crucial matter to tend to. One that doesn't and never will involve sex. Unlike you, I care about things that have value, not just spreading my legs. M'kay? M'kay."

She rolled her eyes and I proceeded with the boys outside.

"Sit," I commanded them. They sat opposite of each other, looking like two brothers that just got put in time-out for fighting over the TV. "Now talk."

"I'm not sure there's anything left to say. I mean, Jack was pretty clear," Johnson spoke.

"You know what? I'm gonna be the bigger man," Gilinsky said.

"Of course you are." Johnson rolled his eyes.

"I miss my best friend...okay? I miss making music. I'll admit that. I just don't miss the rollercoaster that came with it. Being away from my girl for months. All these groupies. Late nights at the studio-"

"It's called sacrifice, Jack. It's called restraint. That's why I said what I said last time because you don't fucking have any, dude!" Johnson sat back in his chair and turned his attention to the ocean behind Gilinsky.

"I do now." Gilinsky's eyebrows knitted together.

"What, you think a pretty little ring is the key to changing your ways?" Johnson chuckles. "You can be a husband, but husbands cheat all the time. Face it. You can't commit to music, you can't commit to me, and you damn sure can't commit to her."

It all happened so fast how Gilinsky jumped out of his chair and punched Johnson in the mouth. Johnson punched back with the quickness near his eye and the guys were fighting on the floor.

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