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An Arranged Marriage ❉ j.g by natemaloski
An Arranged Marriage ❉ j.gby natemaloski
22 year-old Jack Gilinsky just wants to party his life away and make music with his friend Jack Johnson. Marrying a small town girl was not on his yolo bucketlist.
Hired Slut || j.g by stoopiefy
Hired Slut || j.gby ♡
"What am i here for?" "We're hiring you to be a slut" "Uhm, okay..." Lani Brooklyn, little miss innocent has gotten herself into a...
Magcon Sex Slave by Im_Lukeys_Penguin_
Magcon Sex Slaveby Starredcth
Sarah wasn't your normal teenage girl. She has a horrible life, but will that all change when a man named Bart buys her for his clients sexual needs. Will her life be be...
Magcon imagines and preferences by ohlordcaniff
Magcon imagines and preferencesby Taylor caniff
I do all Magcon boys! Including Sammy wilkinson, Dillon rupp and Nate Maloley! If you want an imagine just message me your name, the boy you want, what you want it to be...
Pregnant With My Brother's Baby // Matthew Espinosa by JaiPea
Pregnant With My Brother's JaiPea
19 year old Stephanie Espinosa gives up the wild party lifestyle to be a surrogate for her brother and his wife. But she didn't know how emotionally attached she'd get...
Typical Fuckboy s.w. by omgihy
Typical Fuckboy omgihy
"Sam, stop calling me babygirl, because you and I are never going to be a thing" "That's what you say now babygirl"
Bad Boy's Girl by LeoisRad
Bad Boy's Girlby Leo
Jessica Rose was what you would call the good girl. She was a "nerd" but she didn't care. She was feisty yet charming in a way. Dan Levine was the bad boy . He...
FALLING • J.G by iluvgilinsky
FALLING • J.Gby wendo
In which a girl with trust issues and a guy with a girlfriend fall for each other on tour. • • • Jack Gilinsky fanfic
Babysitter // j.g by laheyloml
Babysitter // j.gby crackhead
his older brother stole my heart j.g fanfic // Rankings: #2: sammywilkinson
Instagram by WeMetInNeverland
Instagramby WeMetInNeverland
Just a cute fanfiction turned into a bunch of fake celebrity drama.
The Bad Boy Lives Next Door (Sammy Wilkinson) (Book 1)**NOT EDITED** by beautifuldarkrose
The Bad Boy Lives Next Door ( Yeah buddy
Hi, I'm Allyson and I'm from Omaha Nebraska. I'm 18. Before you ask, yes I do know The Jacks. I know them through my year older brother Nate Maloley. (Skate). Yes, Skate...
Kidnapped by Magcon by KissMyAs_pinosa
Kidnapped by Magconby Alexis Carpenter
Alexis was never happy at home. A step-dad that never did anything but drink and make her feel like shit. A mom that never said anything to her husband about the constan...
FaceTime  S.W. by SxckMyCaniff
FaceTime 𝓀𝓎𝒶❦
It All Started When A Unknown Number Called.
Good Girl Gone Bad | Zach Clayton Instagram  by babygirlAF_13
Good Girl Gone Bad | Zach Carla Jackson
What happens when a girls boundaries are pushed all too quick? From love to hate and lust to love.
Right where you belong  by elenacg46
Right where you belong by Elena brewer
Cameron and Nash are married and adopted 8 teenage boys. Some of the boys grew up in a bad environment where drug use and violence was encouraged. Can Cameron and Nash t...
Our Dirty Little Secret//S.W. by rocketquccn
Our Dirty Little Secret// baby t.
Addison Rose Williams has caught feelings for Samuel Wilkinson. But she's in a relationship with Cameron Dallas. Sam has always found a liking in Addison ever since they...
No Control ❉ h.g by natemaloski
No Control ❉ h.gby natemaloski
A spinoff from An Arranged Marriage fanfic series following the story of Kim and Finn Gilinsky. Finn struggles to move on from a childhood crush while a meaningless rela...
The [Not-so] Friendly Wars~ A Sammy Wilkinson FanFic by whatawonderfulnoodle
The [Not-so] Friendly Wars~ A lilyyy
Sammi is a good girl. Sammy is a bad boy. Sammi is quiet. Sammy is loud. Sammi is an obsessive fangirl over One Direction. Sammy is what girls fangirl over. Sammi doesn'...
Daddy Dallas|| c.d by starbucksmendes
Daddy Dallas|| c.dby Eloise
I fell for her. I wanted her. I got her. But not in the way I wanted..