The Truth In Time (A Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction) by mrsjolinskymendes
The Truth In Time (A Jack nonchalant
Originally Called: Remember Me? Meet Autumn James and Jack Gilinsky. They've been best friends ever since they were three. At the age of 12, they both meet with a big ac...
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now or never |s.w| (REWRITING) by wilkcoast
now or never |s.w| (REWRITING)by wilkcoast
Gabriella Dawson is your typical high school girl with a passion for singing. When that passion turns into something more and is given the opportunity to go on tour with...
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  • nowornever
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Enemies With Benefits    //   jg . by daydream_af
Enemies With Benefits // jg .by daydream_af
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FaceTime  S.W. by SxckMyCaniff
FaceTime 𝓀𝓎𝒶❦
It All Started When A Unknown Number Called.
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Fuckbuddies by Lamelilyyy
Fuckbuddiesby Literally__Lily
Lani aka Nani is a 17 year old sweet heart. She is basically perfect. She is everything every girl wants to be and every guy wants. But there's a little twist to her. Re...
  • jackgilinsky
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Dirty Magcon Imagines by YourPerfectFanfic
Dirty Magcon Imaginesby YourPerfectFanfic
umm..yea it's pretty dirty :')
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wrong number ✺ s.w by icyholland
wrong number ✺ s.wby icyholland
unknown: aye b it's sam x anaya: who??
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Cameron's little sister (Hayes Grier) by macbarb1e
Cameron's little sister (Hayes macbarb1e
Brooklyn Dallas aged 15 Brother of Cameron Dallas there family is rich she is friends with a bunch of hot guys what more could she want right? Wrong Brooke's life has b...
  • camdallas
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Babysitter // j.g by laheyloml
Babysitter // j.gby Boys suck
his older brother stole my heart j.g fanfic //
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Typical Fuckboy s.w. by omgihy
Typical Fuckboy omgihy
"Sam, stop calling me babygirl, because you and I are never going to be a thing" "That's what you say now babygirl"
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  • sammywilk
  • sammywilkinson
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My Possessive Mate by StrangexDispute
My Possessive Mateby Trinity
"You're mine and only mine, Mia" he growls into my ear. I nod, my wolf feeling defeated,he gives me a devilish grin as he grabs my face roughly and kisses me...
  • alpha
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Best Friends? (Sam Wilkinson) by AlexaBrown27
Best Friends? (Sam Wilkinson)by Alexa Brown
Alexa and Sam have been friends since 2nd grade, in the summer before their senior year she starts to question if she has feelings for her best friend. Watch as Alex tri...
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Twins ~ Hayes Grier by haxyesgrier
Twins ~ Hayes Grierby HAYESgRIER💜
Born on the same day 2 minutes apart
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Gilinskys Sister (Omaha boys and magcon fanfiction) by AjDagger
Gilinskys Sister (Omaha boys and Amy Dagger
Amy gets to meet possibly the best people in her life thanks to her brother Jack. What will happen to the rebellious teen?
  • camerondallas
  • jackandjack
  • ajdagger
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I'm Related to the Grier's?! by mallory2029
I'm Related to the Grier's?!by mal
Charlotte (Charlie) is your typical sixteen year old girl. She's pretty, athletic, dates cute guys and loves life. But one day her world gets flipped upside down. Charlo...
  • carterreynolds
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Unexpected (Magcon/Janos) by Janeilleea
Unexpected (Magcon/Janos)by Janeille
Even the most unexpected thing that came to our life can give us great happiness
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  • camerondallas
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Omaha Boys Imagines/Preferences by funnibunny
Omaha Boys Imagines/Preferencesby Vanessa♡
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Instagram|S•W by queenbeccaxo
Instagram|S•Wby DaddyDerekxo
@sammywilk followed you
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Instagram II by WeMetInNeverland
Instagram IIby WeMetInNeverland
starts at chapter 201 Second book in my Instagram series.
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OGOC/FRESHLEE ⇨ book one √ by ohmyfreshlee
OGOC/FRESHLEE ⇨ book one √by t a y
[COMPLETED] + {EDITED√} (BOOK ONE) Imagines, Text Convos, Preferences, Would You Rather's, and Kiss-Marry-Kill's Boys included ar...
  • derekluh
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