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Jack's POV

I was growing tired of this new life and fast. I wished on every star that things could go back to when they were good. No stalkers, no fans trying to kiss & violate me, no Stassie or Jordyn. But I couldn't leave my best friend in the dust. He worked hard to get us this far and dropping it all would show that I'm ungrateful.

After I tweeted a plethora of cryptic messages, tons of fans were in my mentions asking what my tweets meant. Some of them even brought up Stassie and how she was subtweeting about me. I didn't even bother to check and I was close to deleting my account. My phone rang and I lunged across the bed to answer, hoping it was Lauren. But it was only my mother. I ignored the call and grabbed my car keys.

It was a little past 1 AM and I was determined to get to Lauren's house. I had to see her and give her an explanation. I rang the doorbell frantically and her father answered, very upset.

"Jack? Are you out of your-- Do you know what time it is?" He fumed.

"I know and I'm sorry, sir. But I really need to see Lauren, it's important," I spoke out of breath.

"I don't think that's a good idea," he said.


"Go home Jack. I'm serious. I don't wanna have to call the cops on you," he pointed toward my car.

"Call the c- Mr. Turner, you know me!"

"...but my daughter doesn't. Drive home safe."

He shuts the door in my face and I almost hyperventilate. I look back and forth trying to see if there was something I could climb to get upstairs to her room, but I found nothing. I knew I was red in the face. It took me a while to calm down as I sat down on the brick path and held my head in my hands.

I heard the door behind me squeak open again. When I turned around, it was her. She didn't look angry or sad nor did she look happy. But she was carrying a shoebox. She sat down next to me and leaned her shoulder against mine. I immediately felt better, having her next to me. She handed me the box without saying a word.

"It's better this way."

"What's that mean?" I asked. She nodded toward the box in my hands and I open it. It was filled with pictures, polaroids, love letters, whatever she could scramble up in her room that had to do with me.

"I can't remember how it used to be. These things don't help either. And even if I began to remember, I'm sure I wouldn't want to be with you after what you did with that girl."

"," my voice shook.

She placed her hand over mine and nodded. Then she kissed my cheek, got back up, and went inside.

I can't even begin to talk about how stupid I must've looked sitting in my car for another hour in front of her house, tears pouring down my eyes with no added effort. Looking into that box again would only make things worse.

Lauren's POV

I think I made a sound decision with Jack. He was no good for me. What we had was obviously toxic if it drove me to take drugs that nearly killed me; even though it was I who put the pills into my own mouth. But I was wreck, I was unstable, clearly. I shouldn't be alone with any boys, especially no Jack.

Besides, I had better things to do, like get ready for this formal with Mahogany. She had someone come and do our makeup and we looked stunning and very glamorous. I felt stress-free, pampered, & spoiled.

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