Chapter Three - Part Two

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Chapter Three - Part Two


I inserted the key into the deadbolt and turned it slowly. Paranoia always set in when I reached the front porch of my apartment. Living on the "bad side" of town meant unsavory neighbors who took special interest in your activities.

The lock slide open with ease and I immediately slipped another key into the bottom lock. Better safe than sorry.

Closing the door behind me, I secured both locks and slid the chain for extra security. I had learned my lesson after some punks broke into my house and stole over a thousand dollars out of my freezer.

I dropped my leather messenger bag on the ottoman and made my way into the kitchen. The vodka practically called my name, but I ignored it. Sighing, I grabbed a plastic container of orange juice. Taking a gulp, I set the sweet and tangy juice on the counter and opened up the cupboard.

Stacks of Ramen Noodles filled the first two shelves. A single roll of paper towels and a handful of napkins from Subway took up the third shelf.

Placing my hands on my hips, I sighed and closed the door. Frozen burrito it is...


After dinner I washed my plate, finished the rest of the orange juice, and made my way to her bedroom.

The bed we would soon share occupied the middle of the room. Two matching nightstands stood on each side of the bed with a simple lamp placed in the middle. Across the room stood a single dresser. Long and waist high, it featured picture frames filled with collages of her face, pictures of her and Scarlet, even one of her standing at her twin brother's grave.

I flopped on the bed and rubbed my face. I checked my watch. Ugh... I would have to wait at least three more hours before I could go see Hadley. Deciding to give in and take a few moments to rest, I allowed my eyelashes to flutter shut. Thoughts of her sweet face floated through my mind before slipping into the oblivion.


My eyes shot open as soft sunlight filtered in through the blinds. "No! No! NO!" I screamed in rage.

I punched the bed repeatedly. How could I do this? Why didn't I set an alarm?

Grabbing the pillow, I muffled a scream of agony. You're such an idiot! I cursed myself repeatedly while rolling around with the pillow pressed to my face.

Several minutes passed before I forced myself out of bed and into the bathroom. My bloodshot eyes stared back at my thin frame in the mirror. The bags under my eyes were dark and puffy. I shook my head. I look like a mess. She's never going to want to be with me!

I turned on the shower and waited for the water to heat up. My face turned red with embarrassment as I thought about London's reaction as I confessed my love to her. Her screwed up face broke into a grin as she burst out in laughter. You're in love with me? She had said in between fits of laughter. Yeah, right. Is this some kind of joke? She had looked down both sides of her hallway. Come on! Am I on some kind of television show?

I told her it wasn't a joke and that I really did love her. I held out the flower and asked if I could come in. That's when her face changed. From soft and full of life to rigid and consumed with fear, London tried to slam the door shut.

I had stepped forward and blocked the door from shutting. Just like most of them, she tried to run. Idiot. I thought with a nefarious grin.

The next few minutes flew by in a blur. I had found her reaching for her cell phone, which had been left plugged in and resting on her kitchen counter. Grabbing her by the hair, I whipped her head back and slapped my hand over her mouth in order to muffle her scream.

The rush of being in control brought goose bumps to my arms as I stepped in the shower. As the hot water cascaded over me, I thought about the satisfying crunch of her neck, the life fading from her eyes and her body going limp in my arms.

Moving her corpse hadn't been difficult. Unlike me, London lived in an up and coming neighborhood. Luckily, she had been one of the first to move in to an apartment on her floor.

After searching through her closet, I found an oversized suitcase. Perfect, I had thought to myself. A few more bones had broken as I shoved her into the suitcase. Sitting on the top and tugging the zipper around had caused me to break out into a giddy laughter.

I had placed the flower under her bed, the first place I had realized that I had fallen in love with her. All of those nights, completely wasted, I thought to myself. Waiting for her to come home. Waiting for her to fall asleep. All for what? All so she could laugh in my face?

After securing the suitcase, I cleaned up any signs of a struggle and made sure to wipe away my prints. Pulling the suitcase behind me, I sighed. Things could have gone so much differently.

Rolling her hidden lifeless body out of the apartment and locking the door, I headed down a few blocks and eventually made it to my car.

As I hoisted the suitcase into the trunk, the same question that had brought me to tears shortly after snapping her neck ran through my mind again. Why didn't you say that you loved me too, London? We would have been so happy together. We could have been the perfect couple?

After rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, I turned off the water and reached for a towel. That's okay, everything happens for a reason, right? I smiled. If I hadn't gotten rid of London, I never would have met Hadley.

A smile remained on my face, as I got ready for work. Don't worry, Hadley, our time will come soon. You won't turn me down like the others. I just know it. You'll fall in love with me and we'll be the perfect couple. You just wait and see...


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