Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven


I fell backward into the cushy mattress and closed my eyes. Ugh! What a horrible night, I thought to myself.

Completely drained, I thought about Hadley’s sweet face as she anxiously waited for the doctor to release her to go home. Jealous had stirred in my core as Scarlet held her hand and comforted my love.

Forcing myself to swallow my pride, I waited until they had safely gotten into Scarlet’s car. After they pulled up in front of Hadley’s place, I turned around and headed back home.

Uncomfortable, I flipped over on to my back and stared at the ceiling. I fought the overwhelming urge to drag myself to the car and drive back to Hadley’s. No, you need to rest. It won’t do either of you any good if you fall asleep and crash on the way to her house.

Visions of the man banging on her window floated through my mind as I drifted off into a restless sleep.


Beep, beep, beep!

I woke up, unsettled, and still tired.

The only thing that propelled my body was the thought of Hadley’s smiling face. I would see her at lunch and maybe on the way to work, if I could get ready fast enough.


My car pulled in to one of my regular spots. I reached down into the passenger’s seat and grabbed a cheese and avocado sandwich.

As I unwrapped my lunch, I kept my eyes on the door that Hadley would emerge from any moment.

Hmmmmm… I thought as I chewed on a large bite of sandwich. She’s five minutes late... She’s never late for lunch.

Another five minutes passed as I continued to wait for her to emerge from the building. My heart began to hammer in my chest. Hadley, where are you? This isn’t like you at all!

Then, finally the door opened, and Hadley stepped out with a smile on her face. Before my nerves could settle, my gaze landed on a tall man with short blond hair. He had held the door open for Hadley and had obviously said something to make her laugh.

Her smile faltered for a moment as he held up a bandaged hand. But then quickly returned after he placed it on the small of her back.

My chest began to heave and my eyes widened. WHO THE HELL IS THAT? With trembling hands, I reached for my phone. I fumbled as I tried to take a picture of the man as he walked with Hadley down the street and future away from me.

My mind raced. When had she met someone? Where did she meet him? Did she like him? No, no, no! She loves me! She just doesn’t know it yet! SHE LOVES ME and ONLY ME!

Unable to keep my composure any longer, I let out a wild scream filled with rage and pounded my hands against the rim of the steering wheel. “No, no, no! She’s MINE!”

I had planned it all out earlier that morning. I knew how I wanted our perfect first date to go, where I was going to take her, what we’d talk about, the sticky toffee pudding we would share for dessert, the sweet, but sexy kiss after I walked her to her door. I had everything planned…

It’s still going to happen, I told myself. It’s still going to go exactly as you have planned. We just need to eliminate him first. Then Hadley’s will be all mine... FOREVER!


HEY lovely readers! I am so sorry that I only had time to add that short entry. I’m on my way to Las Vegas (uh oh) and was struggling to find time to work on this chapter! Boo! I will add more when I’m back!

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