Chapter Fifteen (Part Two)

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I spun on my heel and raced through the forest as quietly as possible.

Branches whipped past my face and vines caught around my ankles. Pushing on, I turned a sharp corner, and ducked my head.

After a few more seconds, the house came into view. I looked down the overgrown driveway and paused. I could hear voices. They're almost here!

Bounding up the rickety stairs, I burst through the front door and toward the rotting stack of newspapers.

Digging through them, I pulled out the sleek black handgun. I tucked it into the back of my pants and gathered up as many unbroken glass beer bottles as I could and went to the front porch.

"The house dates back to-"

The man wearing khakis and a dark grey suit jacket paused mid-sentence. A look of concern crossed his face.

"Wh- wh- who are you?" stammered a petite woman with curly dark brown hair and wide eyes.

"I'm Caden and this is my house," I responded gruffly.

The man who addressed me moments before stepped forward and cleared his throat. "I'm sure there's a simply explanation for this," he said calmly. "I'm a realtor with Beverly Hanks. This property is for sale. Have you lived here long?"

"The only explanation is that this is MY house," I said through gritted teeth as I clenched the neck of two empty beer bottles.

"Perhaps you were here prior to the property being listed?" he asked.

I raised a hand above my head and threatened to chuck one of the beer bottles at them.

"Listen here, you little punk," said the other man, wearing jeans and a dark blue polo. His biceps bulged. "This property is for sale and we're going to buy it. As far as I'm concerned, you're trespassing."

I let the first bottle fly and watched as it rocketed toward the man. It landed a few feet short, narrowly missing the realtor.

"Hank," pleaded the wide-eyed woman, "please lets just leave and come back another time."

I threw the other bottle at them. This time, it hit a rock and shattered into hundreds of pieces at the feet of the small women. She shrieked and jumped back.

A scream from inside the house turned my blood to ice.


The realtor's jaw dropped. "Who's that?"


I kicked a pile of bottles, sending them spinning out over the porch and crashing into each other. SHUT UP Hadley! I should keep duct tape over her mouth. The rage bubbling under my skin seeped over and my eyesight temporarily blurred.

"I want to go NOW, Hank!" screamed the woman, who now hid behind Hank.

The realtor held up his hands in a defensive motion. "It's fine. We'll go. Please, don't worry. We won't ever bother you again."

Yeah right, I thought to myself. You'll call the police the first chance you get.

"I don't believe you," I said.

"We promise we won't," said the lady as she backed up, furthering the distance between us.

"Then throw your cell phones on the ground," I instructed, "and you can leave."

Digging in her purse, the woman and the realtor gentle placed their phones on the ground.


I licked my lips. Hadley, this is all your fault. Reaching my hand behind my back, I figured the cold piece of deadly metal. You're the reason they're all going to die.

"Oh hell no," seethed Hank. "No punk ass kid is going to tell me what to do!" With clenched fists, he rushed toward me at full speed.

The corners of my lips twitched as I slipped the gun out of my waistband.

Hank's wife gasped and let out a blood-curdling scream as I aimed the gun at her charging husband.

I threw my head back, let out a snarl, and pulled the trigger.


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