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Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen


"What did you do?" Hadley asked in a shaky voice.

I continued to hum the special ringtone Hadley had set on her phone for the pizza guy. Ugh, I thought shaking my head in disgust. Sawyer. What did she even see in him anyways?  

Hadley began sobbing again.

I've had about enough of this crying. If she doesn't shut up, I'm going slit her throat, I thought to myself as I opened a can of green beans. She's supposed to be my Queen! Not this blubbering mess!

"What did you do?" she asked again, this time her voice a little bit quieter.

I whipped around and knelt down in front of Hadley. "My sweet, sweet, Hadley. I couldn't have the pizza boy interrupting our new life together."

Her lower lip trembled. "W- w- what did you do to him?"

Chuckling, I pulled her phone out of my pocket. "I just sent him a few text messages letting him know that you weren't going to be joining him on your date tonight."

Hadley's jaw dropped.

"I also let him know that you weren't interested in him. That you were already involved with someone else." I laughed and shook my head. "He didn't take that too well."

My captive beauty remained speechless.

"Oh, don't worry," I said, "I also let Scarlet know that you wouldn't be available for a few days. She thinks you and Sawyer are having a great time. We'll have to break it to her together that you stopped seeing him because you were in love with me."

She closer her mouth, but then quickly opened it to say something, but before she could, I pressed my lips against hers. Slipping my tongue in to her mouth for a brief moment set my insides on fire.

"Mmmmm," I said, backing away to see her beautiful face.

Instead of a smile, she spat in my face.

Taking a deep breath, I wiped it off with the back of my hand.

"You shouldn't have done that," I warned.

She tried to lean away from me, but I was too quick. I grabbed the front of her shirt and slapped her across the face.

She let out a terrified whimper.

I lowered my hand, squeezing it into a fist and biting my thumbnail.

Her head dropped.

There we go. She's already breaking!

I stood up and kissed her cheek before turning back to the green beans.

"You know, you're really quite lucky," I said as I threw the beans in a small pot. "I was going to kill you tonight."

I placed the pot carefully over a small camping stove I had bought at the store a few years ago. This sure came in handy!

"But you know what?" I paused to salt the food. "I knew you were different from the others. I knew that you would learn to love me."

Hadley tried to turn around, but couldn't due to the restraints.

"I'm right, aren't I, Hadley?" I asked.

She didn't answer.

Leaving the green beans to heat, I turned around and began rubbing her shoulders.

"Aren't I?" I repeated.

Regaining her confidence slightly, Hadley desperately shrugged off my hands. "DON'T TOUCH ME!"

My vision blurred as rage filled my body. Instead of the gentle massage, I clamped down on her shoulders until she cried out in pain. Letting up temporarily, I asked her again, "I'm right, aren't I?"

"I HATE you!" Hadley screamed.

She threw her restrained body violently into mine, sending us both flying.

A sickening crunch followed as I landed beneath Hadley's small frame. I waited to feel the excruciating pain that was sure to follow, but before I could react, Hadley let out a blood-curdling scream.

Picking up her body, I threw her over to the disgusting mattress and pinned her down.

"Why did you go and do that, Hadley? WHY!"

She struggled as I held her hands above her head. Pressing against her body with all of my weight, I lowered one hand to her throat.

"I told you to stop," I said as I began to squeeze.

Hadley's eyes went wide with fear and she desperately squirmed beneath me.

"I TOLD you to behave," I spat.

She tried to raise her knee, but I kept her legs trapped between mine.

"But nooooooooo," my voice dripped with evil, "you had to keep at it."

Hadley made a strange gurgling sound from under my clamped hand.

"You just wouldn't behave!" 


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