Chapter Three - Part One

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Chapter Three


I loved watching her smile. Her eyes crinkled in the corners and a faint line formed in between her brows. I hope our children have her nose, I thought to myself as I sipped my black coffee.

The hot liquid slid down my throat and warmth pooled in my stomach. I never liked the taste of coffee, but it helped keep me alert. Keeping up with Hadley was a full time job.

We had been busy today. Work crawled by, for both of us. Hadley had spent most of it on a boring project assigned by her pig of a boss. I on the other hand dealt with paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Lunch felt like a complete relief. I ate a sandwich on the bench across from Hadley's office. Every day like clockwork, she left the office at eleven forty-five. Some days she would pick up a salad, others she would stay and enjoy a sandwich, and once in a blue moon, she would stop for a piece of pizza and eat it at a small table outside. By twelve fifteen, Hadley would finish and walk back to work. She usually made a quick five-minute call to her mother, which regularly resulted in a sad smile and occasionally a few tears. Although I never heard their conversations, I could imagine how they went. I'm doing okay, Mom. <Pause> Yes, I am seeing Dr. Charlie regularly. Yes, I am taking my medicine. <Pause> I know, I miss him too. <Pause> Okay, I've gotta go, Mom. I'll see you Sunday. <Pause> Love you too.

I sighed. If only I had known Hadley three months ago. I could have been there with her as they pulled her twin brother off life support.

Digging my teeth into my lower lip, I bite down hard. Stupid whore! Bianca had been the focus of my life at the time. Every breath I took had been for her. You would think that she would appreciate it, but NO! How did she repay me when I showed up on her doorstep with a bottle of wine and a beautiful flower?She had screamed and slammed the door in my face.

A smirk crossed my face as my lips twisted into a wicked smile. Getting in the door with the spare key had been easy. Chasing her through the small two-story house had been exhilarating. An involuntary shiver took over my body as I relived the night, causing the coffee to slosh back and forth in the cup. I shook my head. It didn't have to end that way, Bianca, I thought to myself. It didn't have to end that way...

Finishing the drink with one last sip, I tilted my neck to the left until I heard a subtle pop. Ahhhh... Much better, I thought to myself. Checking my watch, I frowned. Time to get going.

I tried to get up but couldn't. I looked over at the two sitting at opposite ends of a padded booth. Hadley's sad features broke into a temporary smile. You're going to smile like that for me one day. One day very soon. Fighting the urge to sit in the cozy booth all day and steal glances at her beautiful face, I forced myself up and walked toward Hadley and her friend Scarlet. My stomach twisted nervously as I got closer to her. Do you even know how beautiful you are my sad little flower? You should see your face while you sleep. Like a slumbering Princess waiting for a kiss from her Prince...

As I walked past the table, I inhaled deeply. Mmmmmm... Her floral scent filled my senses and made my mouth water. I wanted so badly to stop and sit down with them. I'd listen as she told me about her day, how she tripped during her body pump class and landed on the floor, cheeks flushed, and how she had to drive around the block three times just to find a parking space somewhat near the coffee shop.

As I passed the two of them, I averted my eyes and tugged on my cap. Remain anonymous. I bit my tongue and pressed my lips together. You're time with Hadley will come soon enough...


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