Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Chapter Twenty-Nine


Familiar roads whizzed by as I made my way to the nearest emergency room.

I can't let her die, I thought to myself as I glanced over at her lifeless body. She's too special. I've fought too hard for her and for too long!

I slowed down for a red light, my knuckles tightening as I grasped the steering wheel.

Chewing on my lower lip, I debated pulling over to formulate a game plan. If I let her go, how will I get her back? I asked myself. If they recognize her, they'll call the police. I'll have to drop her off and get her back after she's better.

The light turned green and I pressed the gas petal of Pops' truck.

An idea started to form in my mind. A smile tugged on the corner of my lips. Now THAT might just work....

I turned right at the next stoplight and pulled into a Walgreens parking lot. Grabbing a hat I had tucked in the door, I pulled it low over my face and slid my wallet into my pocket.

"I'll be right back, my love," I whispered as I kissed my pointer and middle finger and gently placed it against Hadley's cheek.

I closed and locked the truck doors as quietly as possible. With eyes trained on Hadley the entire time, she didn't even bat an eyelash.

Sprinting into the store, I made my way to the pay as you go cell phones. I selected two of the cheapest models and shoved it in my basket. Next I grabbed a notebook, a permanent marker, plastic gloves my mother used to wear while washing the dishes, and a roll of tape. Before getting in line, I selected an oversized pair of sunglasses and a bottle of water.

I gave the clerk cash and a shy smile. "Thank you," I said as I held my hand out for my change.

"You're welcome, dear," said the chubby woman working behind the corner. "You have a nice night now."

"You too," I responded as I headed out the door.

I unlocked the door and eased into the driver's side seat.

"Okay, first step, put on gloves."

I slid the gloves down over my hands and made sure not to touch anything else in the bag until they covered my hands.

"Next, take everything else out of its package," I said to myself.

I struggled as I tried to get the permanent marker out of the package. Letting out a frustrated sigh, I pulled on the corner of the package until the marker finally popped out and landed in my lap.

Here goes nothing, I thought to myself as I tore out a piece of paper.

My name is Regan Madden.

I've been raped and I threw myself down the stairs to kill the baby.

Please wake me up once it's gone.

I don't have any family or insurance. There is no one to call.

Please help me.

My lips twitched into a grin as I carefully added the period at the end.

Glancing over at Hadley, my smile faded. Her color had faded even more and when I leaned my head down near her mouth, I could barely hear here breathing.

"Shit," I murmured. I ripped off a piece of tape and secured the note to Hadley's chest. Next I text my own burner phone from the one I had purchased for Hadley. Once mine buzzed, I slid Hadley's into a wide pocket in her dress. "There we go. Now let's get you to a doctor."

I turned the key in the ignition and shifted the car into drive. Pressing my foot to the gas pedal, I drove out of the parking lot and toward the nearest emergency room.

"It's okay," I said reaching down to touch Hadley's still body. "We're almost there."

A few minutes later, I turned on my blinker and parked on a quiet street behind the hospital. Small craftsmen style homes lined the streets. Most of the houses were dark and only a few had lights on in upstairs rooms. Hidden by overgrown trees, I kept my gloves on and eased Hadly's body into my arms. Closing the door with my hip, I kept Hadley carefully cradled in my arms.

Wet grass licked at my ankles as I cut through someone's yard and ducked on to the sidewalk leading up to the hospital.

Picking up the pace, I started to run toward the red illuminated letters, which read EMERGENCY ROOM.

"HELLLLLP! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

A man standing outside of the set of sliding doors leading into the emergency room dropped the apple he had been eating and ran towards me.

"My arms! I can't carry her for much longer!" I shouted, as the man got closer.

I slowed down as the man got within arms reach.

"Can you please take her? I'm afraid I'm going to drop her!" I pleaded.

The man extended his arms and took Hadley's body from me.

As soon as he turned around to bring her inside, I spun around and raced in the opposite direction.

Pain tore through my chest as I ran away from the woman I loved.

It's okay, Caden, I told myself. You'll get her back soon! It won't be long. It won't be long at all...



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