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Rosé's POV

"Mom! I though we are staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house? Why we are here?" I asked as i saw we arrive at the other house.

"They change their thoughts, they said they are going to Hawaii for a Holiday Vacation." My Mom said.

Oh great, just great. Look where we are now, we are staying at my Mom's Bestfriend house.

Aish! I still can't get over about the Bts Concert earlier, i didn't get to see my Jimin!

When the car stopped, we go out of the car and get our suitcases. Well what's the use of bringing three big suitcases huh? Please explain, i can't understand.

I just sighed, following them inside the house. Wait, a mansion rather. Wow! Daebak! It's so beautiful, i wonder what is the job of this bestfriend of my Mom?

How can she build this Mansion, with just the look of it, you already know that a rich people own this.

"Wow, your Son is really hard working huh? Can you believe it? He build this with his own money, daebak!" My Mom said, looking around the mansion.

Son? So Aunty Jimieah has a Son huh? And it was his all expenses to build this mansion? He must be very rich, i am not saying that we are beggarly, poor or what. It's just i am amaze to Aunty Jimieah's Son.

"Come, let's eat. Our maids prepare some foods, you both must be hungry from a long flight." Aunty Jimieah smiled at us, i smiled back.

Following them inside the kitchen, and as what i have expected the kitchen is beautiful too. We start eating the foods, and yep it's all delicious.

"Uh Racelle, since my husband is on other country for some business. You should sleep at my room, while Rosé can sleep at the third floor." Aunty said.

"Hmmm okay that will be good!" My Mom said before they both laugh again.

They are really weird, since earlier.

"Don't worry, my Son will arrive later." I heard Aunty Jimieah said.

"Oh really? Woah that's great, more earlier is the best hehe." My Mom said.

I just didn't bother to listen at their chitchats, after eating i head to their living room. I'll just check my social media accounts for updates to my Jimin.

My eyes widen when i saw Jimin oppa, post his picture on the Instagram.

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