16. Doren and Katrina Reunited: The Second Match Is About to Begin

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Doren and Bastille had found a room that was unlocked. Inside was a handful of provisions but no weapons. Luckily not one guard had made an appearance since they escaped. The quiet was almost eerie, but have them time to relax.

Bastille was on constant watch, fearful he was about to meet his end in a cage. Doren was not as fearful. The excitement that he could use another power was near overwhelming. However, using light would be for selective occurrences. He was unsure when he would even be able to use it. Just the fact was exciting though.

Bastille tapped Doren's arm, "A group of guards are moving with someone. Looks like back to the cells."

Doren pushed Bastille away and peeked through the gap the door made. "Who is it?" he tried seeing. Long brown hair, in underwear. Doren couldn't tell if it was Meko. By the time he was able to see, the prisoner's back was too him.

"He might be beneficial to us." Bastille said. He inched the door further open. He was about to move, but Doren grabbed his forearm.

"Not yet." Doren said, putting a finger to his lips. When they were both quiet, they heard fighting in the distance. Less than a hundred feet away. Doren took Bastille's spot in the doorway and saw as guards were rushing past the shed they were hiding in.

As the guards began slowing in numbers, Doren and Bastille began moving to get the prisoner that was just dragged away no more than twenty minutes ago. Without weapons, it forced them to take a slow approach. Especially since Doren didn't know quite how to control his powers and, while he was restored, Bastille was still a little weaker than he once was. They followed the trail until they got to an opening in the trees.

It seemed as if there was nothing but trees and brush. Doren walked the perimeter of the area that had no guards in it. He searched the area but found nothing. It was as if that prisoner disappeared.

"How about we go check out the commotion back there. Sounds like fighting, to be honest." Bastille pointed back towards where they came from. The sounds increased with each passing second.

Doren nodded towards Bastille and they both began heading that way. Every single guard was called to the area so it made travel a little easier. When they got to where the females were locked up, the figures of three women were the only ones upright. As the dust settled along the battlefield, Doren caught eye of Katrina.

"KATRINA!" Doren yelled as loud as he could and ran up to her as fast as he could.

Still in the fighting spirit, Katrina didn't turn to Doren until he was just a couple feet away. She turned her body and put her weight into a straight punch right to Doren's jaw. Doren fell to the ground and rubbed his jaw.

Bastille grunted and said, "You witch! Hot Sword!" and a sword made of flames appeared out of his hands. He held the handle with both hands and point the flames at Katrina.

"Oh you want some next, tough guy?" she held her fists up.

The darker girl who helped Katrina and Herstring in the battle spoke up. "Bastille!"

The warrior made his sword fall and he held up his arms. "Danaka! You're alive and here!" The large man ran up to her and embraced her in a hug.

Katrina helped Doren up and laughed. "Sorry about that. I was still in the groove of things."

His jaw cracked as he stood up. He groaned in pain and held it. That was the first time Katrina had actually hit him. The action impressed Doren.

"No, don't worry about it. I understand." Doren smiled. When he saw the giant girl, his jaw dropped. Since he was sheltered so much growing up, the only giant's he had even heard of were the ones in stories.

Doren went up to her and stared. The giant looked down at him and got red. "Why.. why are you starting at me?" she asked and backed up.

Katrina nudged him and got between them. "He had a very sheltered life growing up. Too many stories and not enough outside life."

Herstring giggled and held out a hand to Doren. "My name is Herstring. But you can call me String. What's yours?"

Snapping out of it, he took the giant by one of her fingers. "Doren Mercer. Nice to meet you."

Bastille and Danaka had walked up to the three. Bastille had asked, "So what now? Find the other prisoners?"

Katrina turned to the cell they had just broken out of. Gas was still sleeping out from the door that was left wide open. She put her clothed mask back on. "We have to get the other girls out." she said and then ran back into the cell.

Herstring followed and when they came back out, they sat some of the women on the grass. Soon, they all helped out, dragging each and every girl from the captors. Once they were all out of the cell, a loud announcement blared through area.

Looking all around, the sounds came from the East. The crowd was louder than the announcer. Danaka glared that way and tightened her fists. Noticing she was tense, Bastille put his large hand around hers.

"A gladiator match is about to begin." she whispered. "I wonder who's fighting."

"Don't let it concern you, we need to get out of here and make our way back to Embania." Bastille told her.

Danaka removed her hand from his. "No," she shook her head. "We need to get everyone out of here. These people are cruel, they watch others fight to the death for the sake of their amusement. It's horrifying when you stand over your opponent and all you hear are people screaming out your name." she backed away from him. "We need to stop them. If you aren't going to help me, I'm sure they will." she pointed to everyone.

Doren grinned. "I mean, I still gotta find Meko. I'm down to destroy a couple things." He glanced at Katrina. "How about you, darling? You want to destroy a couple things and find our friend?"

"My friend. You're more of a tag along until we get home." she said. "But, yes, I could destroy some more things."

"Then you got two. I'm sure giant girl would help."

"..I have a name..." Herstring said, pouting.

"So three." Katrina said. "And if we wait, perhaps some of these women could help." she waved a hand to the still sleeping girls.

Bastille groaned and rubbed the back of his neck, "I guess I really don't have a choice."

"If you want to explain to Harper where her mommy is and what happened to here, you know, in case I die, then please head on home." Danaka turned to the noise of the crowd that was still in an uproar.

Bastille lowered his head. He was their protector. Their guardian. And Harper was in good hands back in Embania. Danaka was who he had to worry about.

"Fine." Bastille said. "Let's make it quick."

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