6. First Kill

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In the morning, Katrina, Meko, and Doren went over the plan once more. After all was said and done, Meko turned to Doren and handed him a steel dagger. About six inches long, it was just a straight dagger with MK embroidered on the blade.

"Take this. You'll need it for the guards." Meko said as Doren hesitantly took the dagger. "Just relax. Whatever happens today, just remember... It's not all about you anymore."

Doren stashed the knife away without saying a word. He was going to need to hide it until the time came. Without saying a goodbye, he headed to the brothel from the farm house. Along the dirt path he walked, hands in his pockets.

The big thing on his mind was not taking a life anymore. That was something he was going to have to learn to endeavor, might as well be now. It was what is going to happen right afterwards. They never talked about that in the plan.

At least not with him. Who's to say that these people weren't just going to turn him in. That Katrina girl had no problem turning him in when he stole the piece of fruit. She would probably have him executed for killing people if she went and told anyone.

What if they turned their arms on him once the deed was done. Now he and people he doesn't even know will all be dead. That is if he doesn't get killed by a guard.

All of this was nerve wracking. Trust or not trust these people. Risk having his life taken or knowing these girls he'd be rescuing would never live a peaceful day as long as they live. He kicked his foot along the dirt and looked down.

"No turning back." he said to himself, trying to find the motivation and determination his peers had. What would his family think of him right now.

It has only been a couple days since he passed from his family. And the next time he will see them, he will have blood on his hands. The look on his mother's face if he were to tell her... Shaking his head, he tried to stop thinking about it.

He finally got into the city and headed to the brothel. Good Food -- Good Times. He walked in and was say down at a bar this time. The same waitress he had the other day came up to him.

"Hey babe! Glad to see you're back." She greeted him and say a menu in front of him. "What will it be this time?"

Doren's eyes were already tracing the room. Every escape route he could think of in just the main eating area. He glanced towards the ceiling and the loft for the second floor.  There's even a couple other ways up there. Too much time for that though.

"So?" the waitress butted in, "Same as last time?"

"Oh yeah," he handed her back the menu and smiled, "an ale only though. I'm not very hungry."

"Oooo," she hummed and too back the menu, "getting our drink on a little early today, babe?"

Doren laughed a bit and, bring an obvious nervous wreck, said, "Oh yeah, just a long night. Really had to come to terms with a lot of things in such a short amount of time. And you know how some decisions need to be made as soon as they're present. So being stressful."

The waitress, who had lost interest nodded. "Alright babe, I'll be right out with your ale."

As she left, Meko and Katrina bursts through the door. Doren hid his face, as he watched them go up to the counter. After some discussion with one of the waitresses a guard came out of the door to the left.

That was his route in, but he had to wait for things to settle down. They were making quite a ruckus, and he didn't want to make things worse. After the man handed Meko back the money, he took Katrina through the door he came through.

Meko took his leave. All permitting, he was going to wait for them by one of the back doors. Five minutes had passed. The floor was getting busy. He stood from his seat, drank down his ale, and headed to the door.

He quickly walked through the waitresses and went into the door. There was no one down the hall, so he tiptoed through and listened in on each door he passed. So far he heard nothing, but he kept going down the hall.

Then he heard a door shut and a couple voices. Quick and quiet, he slipped into one of the side rooms. It was a darker room, and as he heard the footsteps pass by, he sighed in relief.

"Who's there?" a voice came from behind him. There was a bit of rustling followed by the clank of chains. "Please don't hurt me." the voice pleaded.

In a hustled and louder whisper, he responded into the pitch darkness. "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm hoping to save you. Just be quiet for now." he said.

He waited in the spot for Katrina to start making her scene. Expecting to hear shouting at any time now, the building stayed quiet in this area.

Slowly turning the knob, he heard the voice whisper, "Please don't leave me.." He didn't stop and was right out the door.

Continuing down the hall, there was still nothing. Still checking each room, he grew more and more concerned with his new comrade. Finally he heard the yelling coming from what he imagined to be the door the guards just came.out of. He pressed on to the end of the hall where the door was.

Kneeling down to it, he peaked his eye through the key hole. There, with her back to the door was Katrina. In front of her was a man with eggshell colored hair. A bandage was across his nose and scars patched his face. He had fire colored eyes  that seemed to change based on the lighting he was in.

"So why did Customer 278 bring you back, Katrina?" he asked, staying seated at his large, black desk.

"I wouldn't sleep with him." she yelled at the top of her lungs.

An eyebrow on the man rose up. "Why are we yelling?" he asked with clear annoyance. "Do I need to tell you what kind of trouble you're in already?" He slammed his hands on the desk and stood up. His voice gradually rose as his face got red. "Do not test me girl or I will have you shipped back to wherever the hell you're from."

Katrina clenched her fists and went to speak when the door flew past her and the man yelling at her. There in the doorway stood Doren. The dagger now drawn and in his right hand. His left hand was where the door once stood.

The man who stood there awestruck, lifted his hands from the desk. "Who the hell are you?" he yelled, his voice Shaking.

Before Doren spoke, he ran full speed at the man. Katrina turned to Doren as he whipped past her. Without hesitation, the blade entered the man's chest.

Katrina's jaw dropped as the mans breathing began to get shallow. He gripped onto Doren's sleeve and began sliding down. His blood soaking onto Doren's clothes. The smell of blood now filled the room over the smell of the cologne.

The man's eyes never left Doren's. His eyes that were once filled with a fire now became a pale, but bloodshot red. When the man fell to the floor, Doren's hand shook with the blade still tightly gripped, the man's blood dripping onto the floor.

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