9. Water Vs Wind: Waterloo and his Dual Swords

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Waterloo laughed and pointed one of his swords to Doren. With a grin, he mocked Doren saying, "You're nothing but a criminal! Don't go acting like you're anything special."

Doren looked at Waterloo and clenched his fists. "And you are going to stop me?" He moved a foot forward and brought a fist with it. His hand began glowing green, the aura moving to his arm.

He put his other arm on his shoulder and rotated his shoulder blade. Three of the guards had began to close in on him. Swords drawn like their Captain, they were on all sides of him, barely an arm's length away. Doren looked at the three and grinned.

He swung at the guard directly in front of him. Lifting one of his legs behind him, he used the air around his arm, and spun himself. Landing three punches, one on each of the guards, he looked at Waterloo. Swinging his hand back, he sent a gust of wind at the Captain.

Waterloo put his blades up and sliced the wind in half. It crashed into the wall behind him, brushing the area with dust. Doren took a breath. Five more guards were left. Four if you don't count Waterloo.

Doren put both hands up, the green aura now engulfing both of his hand. He shot a strong funnel against the four guards and sent them flying into the air. His breath begun getting heavier. How much more could he stand.

The sky was still dark, and the breeze was still present. To alter the weather with an element used a lot of stamina. Stamina that Doren was starting to run out of. He braced himself against Waterloo. If he had to actually fight him, he had to do it fast.

Doren pushed himself forward using his back foot. Waterloo charged towards him, pulling the blades backwards. As the blades flew towards Doren, he dropped to his knees and slid across the ground. As he passed Waterloo, he picked up the knife, and picked himself up.

He turned back around, and threw the knife, but it was deflected by one of Waterloo's blades. Sticking into the ground, Doren began charging at him again. Another horizontal strike from Waterloo, he dodged it and rolled to grab the blade once more.

"Why do you keep dodging?" yelled Waterloo, attempting to slice down onto Doren's shoulder. With the blade I hand, he blocked it with the knife. "What's the matter? Running out of steam?"

Waterloo put pressure down onto Doren. As the blade clinked together, the water around the Captain's blades grew thicker. Soon it began to surround Doren's knife and travel up his arm.

Now looking eye to eye, the Captain grinned. "Have you ever thought about how terrifying water would be while you drown? Now imagine drowning on land." Holding his swords to Doren's knife, he pushed Doren to the ground.

With the water now swallowing Doren's body except his head, he watched the Captain's blue eyes. The Captain's mustache was practically tickling Doren's nose at this point.

Struggling to get out of this prison of water, Doren lifted his heavy feet and placed them against Waterloo's stomach. He began kicking at his stomach, pushing him further away, until the Captain was booted off of him. He kicked one more time and landed it right into his chest.

Coughing, the Captain stumbled back and the water fell into the ground. Doren picked himself up, now huffing even more. He clenched a fist and brought the aura back out. His fist now glowing green.

"What a cheap trick." Doren shook some of the water off of him. "I just began using my powers so pardon me for asking," he held up the drenched blade up, it dripping with water, "Can you tell me how to out your element to a weapon?"

After regaining his strength and his breath, he looked up at Doren. "Are you kidding me? You're asking how to use a power against me?!" he got angry, and stood straight. "Go to hell, you criminal!" he rushed towards Doren. He blades at the ready. He began slicing at Doren, his strikes as fast as lightning.

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