12. Kidnapped: A Struggle to Get to Safety

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Doren woke up after passing out against his fight with Waterloo. what seemed like he slept for hours, however was only a couple minutes. He looked around at the ruins of the battlefield. Some of the guards, those that were alive, started wiggling. He had to get out of there before they woke up and tried taking him.

Struggling to get to his feet, his legs wobbled and his knees wouldn't extend. "Come on," he whispered to himself, "stand up stupid legs." When he finally was able to start walking, Katrina and Meko showed themselves.

"That was amazing, young man." Meko spoke proudly to him. Doren motioned a thumbs up, but had to concentrate on staying on his feet rather than talking. Meko walked over to him and let him rest against his shoulder. "We do need to get out of here. The road to Fort Harft is long."

They made it back to the house outside of Mertin where they would rest up for the night. In the morning They would have to go on the outside of Mertin and head south to Mixento. Once there they had to get to Ilaidis and board a ferry over to Shifton, just on the other side of the Shifta Straight. After that they would have to traverse the mountains and reach Fort Harft.

Doren had slept from the time he got back to the house until the early morning. Feeling well rested, the only thing he showed from the fight were cuts and bruises. There was no fatigue from the day before, his muscles didn't ache, and his spirit was high once again.

Sitting up as the two suns were begining to show through the windows, Doren let out a yawn and stretched. He set his bare feet on the cold wood floor and walked over to Meko and Katrina. 

They had been discussing the plan after they got Doren to Fort Harft.

"Good morning, Doren." Meko waves for him to come sit with them at the table. A fresh, hot cup of coffee was waiting for him.

"Good morning, you two." he spun his chair around and straddled the back. He reached over to the clumped sugar on the tabletop and stirred it into his black coffee. "So what the plan?" he asked confidently, but his stomach let out a hellish growl.

"Well," Meko said snickering, "we need to go around Mertin and get to Mixento as quick as possible. Find some food and rest up before we get going to Ilaidis." Meko sipped his coffee and set it on the table.

After a few awkward moments of silence, Katrina looked at Doren. "Thank you for what you did back there." she said with a light blush across her cheeks. "You do know you'll probably have a bounty now though... right?"

Doren shrugged and took out the bounties he had collected from the town hall building. "Not like my old man was any better." he held up Sophron's bounty.

"Espardat? I thought you said your last name was Mercer?" Meko questioned, staring at the poster.

"It is. Doren Sin Mercer." Doren replied. He crossed his legs in the chair and pointed to Sophron. 

"I have no idea what or where Espardat comes from."

Katrina grinned. "They're the main family from Overde Island. They come from Biovlakia and are known as the Mad Men Family." she took a drink of her lukewarm coffee. "They like to do experiments on people. They are who discovered Techent Elements some 1500 years ago."

Now clueless, Doren asked, "Techent Elements?"

Meko then butted in, "If he is your father and he never taught you what a Techent is... I feel sorry for you. That's one of the first things you learn in school besides the alphabet." Meko stood up. "Some are born with the ability to bend plant life, animals, even able to morph theirs and others bodies. They do these by using two elements together. It's always a Natent and a Hument element. They're more common nowadays than they used to be."

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