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When we let ourselves love 

And then it's taken away 

We want to cry, but we can't 

We want to scream, but words can't convey 

What we're feeling right now 

It's like a baby crying in the night 

Keeping us awake so long, we want to die 

Like being attacked my something we can't fight 

Something we hold dear, 

The sun's painful glare 

Revealing all our secrets 

Showing people our despair 

But still we hold no regret 

For loving who we love 

They are dear to us, adored by us 

That's what it is to be in love 

With these people so close to our hearts 

We want to protect them from harm's way 

To kiss them, to hold them 

To give them a peaceful today 

These people are our beloveds 

We can only hope they love us too 

They might not 

but I think it's worth the risk, don't you? 

~Melissa Audrey Ann Murphy 

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