The Happily Ever After

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I'm sure I'm not even dreaming. I met Kim last night. Yes. She is the real Kim. I can feel her warm embrace when she hugged me and I even enjoy the moment when she kissed my lips. I will never forget her refreshing scent when it filled my lungs, it calms me in a strange way. But wait, what were we doing last night? I just remembered we talked a lot and the last thing that I knew was she asked to me to close my eyes and sleep.

Kim's voice was still echoing in my ears. She said now I am a sleeping beauty in a forest. I only fall into a deep slumber  and my prince shall come and awake me by the kiss of true love. "Sleep princess, sleep." I knew she meant that princess to me. "When you open my eyes later, everything would change to be better. Sleep until your  prince come to awake you." I was quite surprised. She reiterated exactly the same lines as my Mom ever told me. How did she know that? Well, it was not her voice which hypnotizing me  until I fell asleep but her soft, gentle touch caressing my hair, gave myself unexplainable feeling of calm and peace. I can sum up the feeling. I felt LOVED.

I got one problem now. I feel I am awake but I can't open my eyes. It became more worst when I can't even move my body as if  I have been nailed to my laying bed. Why? I can't figure it out. When I tried to open my mouth and speak, no voice couldn't be heard.  My only sense that work right now is my hearing. I start to wonder am I already died? What is really happening to me. I have no idea about it.

My hearing caught something utterly strange. It feels like I'm in a heaven. I heard magpies broke into their sweet melodious song. It is a pleasure to listen to their refreshing whistle tone. Then a soft gentle cold breeze brushed my skin. When it come to my sense, I realized that it was not the breeze that came out from the air — conditioner inside our room, this breeze is so fresh yet it smells like woods. Woods? Ah, now I feel funny. Don't tell me that Kim's words  before I slept last night affected my clear mind. I am a sleeping beauty in the forest? Waiting for my prince to rescue me and brake the curse? Jeez! It is so ridiculous. Wake up Pie! Wake up. You must be dreaming.

I thought this was just a dream in a dream but then it disappointed me when I found myself still in the same condition. I am alive but my soul was trapped in my unmoving body. Someone tell me, what has happened to me? It is not a funny joke. I am scared. "Kim.." Unintentionally, I said the name across my mind but it didn't come out from my mouth as an audible voice.

At some moment, I think I was stranded out here alone at an unknown place. which is totally unfamiliar to me. This is not our villa. Where am I? As I was so deep to ponder every questions that messed up my mind, suddenly my ears caught another sound which is completely bizarre. It was the furious gallop of horse. Since when we have horses around our housing area? I am 100% sure this place is not our villa.

"Where is she?" A familiar voice struck my eardrums, sending the information to my brain.

"Kim." I call her name but my voice didn't even come out from my mouth.

"You're so beautiful princess. As beautiful as the sleeping beauty." Kim said. I can feel that she is observing my face closely as her breath tickled my face.

"I know I'm beautiful silly Kim! Help me. I can't open my eyes." I knew she can't even hear me but I still want to say it.

"Today is the day, princess." She said and at the same caressing my cheeks softly.

"What do you mean by that?" I am confused. How I wish she hear and answer me.

"I hope you're ready for it." Kim makes me feel so suspicious.

"Ready for what? I can't get it."

"My princess, please open your eyes and be mine forever." Kim whispers to my ears and before my brain could respond to her statement, I feel a soft lips pressed against mine, sending  some sort of impulse which electrocuted my brain to life.

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