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If she could turn back the time, Pie wished  they had not gone to the park that day. It was the day which flipped Kim's life tremendously. Today, Kim had an appointment with Dr.Mean, an Ophthalmologist that Dr.Tavee recommended to them. They just finished meeting her awhile ago and now there are making their way to leave the place. Since Kim chose to keep silent, Pie didn't dare to utter anything to her. From time to time, she just keep glancing to Kim as they walk arm in arm along the corridor and because of that, their way to the car seems like an eternity.

"Kim." Pie gained her courage to speak with her lover. It's quite hard to predict how is Kim  right now. Her face lax but it seemed like she is so deep in her own thought.

"Yes?" Kim responds short without looking to Pie. She keeps walking as Pie guides her way. Their pace is not too slow neither too fast. Sometimes Pie has to pull Kim's arm to divert her move as she might bump into any hospital attendants who are wheeling the patients with the wheelchair.

"Are you alright?" Pie asks and gazes at Kim again.

"I'm fine." Kim curves a smile on her face. Pie knew it, it's a fake one.

"Kim, about your eyes..." Pie takes a breath to continue. "I though we have finished discussing about it  earlier." Kim cuts Pie before Pie could say anything in addition.

"Everything will be fine." Pie murmurs softly. She afraid that Kim might fume into anger if she ever say anything more.

"Pie, where should we head to?" Kim asks. Pie just realized that they stopped momentarily at a junction before they could reach the exit.

"Oh, here." Pie quickly grabs Kim's arm and guides that tom to turn to the right and leave the place.

Without a word, they step into the car and a few seconds later, the driver speed off down the road leaving the hospital area.

"Ben, take us to the mall." Kim commands to the driver. Pie gazes at Kim who sits adjacent to her at the back seat confusingly. They suppose to head their villa and now Kim asked the driver to change their destination.

"What are we going to do there?" Pie don't have any idea on why Kim wanted to take her to the mall.

"We are going to find a new dress or gown for you." Kim diverts her blank gaze to Pie. Pie notices that Kim is smiling and this smile is genuine.

"A new dress? What for?" Pie is still clueless with it. Did they plan to go to any special occasion?

"Pie, you're such a granny." Kim chuckles. "We're going to attend the function at the orphanage tomorrow night right?" Kim ruffles Pie's hair.

"Oh, I see. Oh No! Some of my brain cells had degenerated." Pie chuckles too. She completely forgot the event for tomorrow night. Dr.Tavee invited them to join the function too.

"We will find the best dress for you." Kim said. She  already knew the targeted boutique for it.

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