'Close Encounter'

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Jittaleela Holdings

            "Kim? Kim?" Jane calls out. She wanders around the section to look for Kim but her eyes couldn't catch any figure of Kim. Even her shadow didn't show up.

            "Haishh! Where is this kid?" She brings herself to sit on a table at the corner of the section.

            "Krooh..Kroohh.." She hears someone snorting. In no time, she turns her head to look under the table.

            "Here you are lazy Garfield!" Kim is sleeping soundly like a baby. So deep in her slumber. She covered her body with her leather jacket making it to be her blanket.

            "Kim.Kim. Kim wake up." Jane shook Kim's body.

            "Kim wake up." Jane tried again. She removes the jacket from Kim.

            "Krooh.. Kroohh.." Kim snores even more.

            "Hey this kid. I wonder what she did last night. Why she seemed so sleepy these day?" Jane scratches the back of her head. Don't know how to wake up this sleepy Garfield.

            "KIMM!!! WAKE UP!!!" Jane shouts at Kim's ear.


           "Aihh? Don't tell me that Kim is deaf. Or she was dead?" Jane was so surprise and at the same time so anxious to see that Kim doesn't affected with her shout. She makes herself to sit beside Kim under the table. She scans Kim's face closely and brings her fingers to Kim's nose.

           "Still breathing." Jane feels so relief that Kim is still alive.

            "Silly me! Of course she still alive. Then how come she snorted just now." Jane hits her own head because of her own silliness. After all she realized that Kim is wearing her earphone. Jane pulls out the earphone from Kim's ears.

             "Kim, wake up. Your father want you to be in his office right now." Jane shook Kim's body again. Well, Jane is Kim's colleague and also  a close friend of Kim at the company. Everybody knows that Kim is one of the heir of Jittaleela Holdings but Kim wanted them to treat her like any other staff. One word to describe Kim ; humble.

             Slowly Kim opens her eyes. "Huaaaaahh.. What time is it Jane?" Kim yawns.

             "10.30 a.m. Mr. Jittaleela demands for your presence at his office young master." Jane teases Kim. She knows that Kim don't like people to address her like that.

             "Stop it Jane!" Kim hits Jane on her head playfully and quickly gets up from under the table. "Thank you my lady. I'll treat you lunch for today." Kim says to Jane and make her way to leave the section.

             Jane just stares Kim until she gone from her sight. "Kim, Kim. You are too handsome to be a girl. If and only if you're not taken yet, I'm surely seduce you to be mine." Jane smile alone of thinking that. She knows that Kim already has a girlfriend but she never meet Pie yet. She just know about Pie from Kim's story to her.

Mr. Jittaleela Office

Kim fixes her shirt and hair before she enters her father's office.

            "God, please let Papa increase my salary." Kim prays inside her mind.

            "Tok. Tok. Tok." She knocks the door.

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