Chapter 19: The Strongest Yet

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Inside the mountain, it was warm and misty. Jake and I walked to meet with the group. We found them in the training dome. Everyone was playing with their powers and they seemed like they were getting the hang of their powers. Mr. Brooks was nowhere in sight. As Jake ran to join the others, I went to look for Mr. Brooks.

After walking around the cavern for a little while I found him. Mr. Brooks was sitting at his desk in his office. The room was new to me but looked a lot like the library that we had seen earlier. I light layer of mist in the air.

Mr. Brooks was sitting at his desk with his shoulders on the desk and his head in his hands. He looked... stressed? No, this wasn't stress, this was worry.

"Mr. Brooks," I say hesitantly "Are you alright?"

He lifts his head in surprise. He grabs his papers and starts to tap them on the table.

"Yes. Yes. I am fine." He seems panicked

"Mr. Brooks, obviously something is worrying you." I explain "What is wrong?"

He looked at me anxiously.

"Do you remember the story of our clan, the one I told you when you first arrived here?" He asked me

I shake my head in agreement.

"Well, the Threva, we thought we killed them and killed them all. We thought we had saved the world but it turns out that there were still a few left and from generation to generation, there are now five of them."

I looked at him and now he wasn't the only one who was worried.

"And the worst part..." He pauses

I wait in anticipation.

"They are the strongest yet."

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