Chapter 26: Fire and Frost

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It's been about a month and we are all still great friends. Jake is ok. My kick hurt him but he healed quickly. We are on good terms. After school, we all go to the mountains and practice our powers.

Jake and I were walking to the cave as we talked.

"So you're an impersonator now?" He asks

"Yeah, I guess that's why I had those incidents."


"Yeah, like when I froze the river and when I shot fireballs at you on the mountain," I explained

"Oh yeah!" Jake continued. "You could have killed me you know."

"Yeah, It's a shame I didn't" I laughed

Jake began to laugh too, but suddenly he stopped.

"Hey... doesn't an impersonator have to touch someone with a power to get their power?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Then how did you get the fire and frost powers?"

I stopped walking and Jake stopped too. We looked at each other worryingly.

We were not the only supers. There were still more out there and we were going to find them.

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