Chapter 10: The Meeting

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I grabbed my lunch tray and walked back to my table. Paige usually sits with me but she wasn't here today. Instead Jake and Malina sat with me. We began to talk about what we knew.

"Malina, you said that you can talk to people using their brain?" I asked

"Yeah, and It seems that I can read their thoughts. Jake, what is going on with you?"

"I can run super fast and not feel winded at all." He responded

While we were talking Oliver came over and sat down at the end of our table. He looked nervous and I think I know why.

"Oliver, are you ok," I asked in the sweetest voice I could make out

"N-, no. Not, not really." He said shyly.

He looked terrified. I was observing him and looking at Jake.

"It's happening to us too." Said Malina suddenly

"How are you doing that?" Oliver asked scared but interested

"I can read minds."

"And I have super speed or something like that," Jake said unsure

There was a pause.

"And you?" Oliver asked as he scooted closer to hear our conversation

"I don't know yet," I answered, "but somethings going on."

Jake caught my attention with his gaze and then directed me towards Malina. She was staring intensely at Sarah who was shockingly sitting by herself. Surprisingly she wasn't on her phone either. She was just... sitting there.

Suddenly she looked up at our table, directly at Malina.

"She's talking to her," I explained as Sarah got up, looked around, and walked over to our table.

She sat next to me and looked directly at Malina.

"How did you know? What is going on?" She asked eager but nervous

Before Malina could answer Mr. Brooks asked us all to meet him after school in his room. The bell shrieked and It was off to 6th period. 

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