Chapter 23: They're Here

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Everyone's eyes filled with dread.

"I thought you said that they were gone, that we killed them!" exclaimed Jake

"Well, I was wrong." Mr. Brooks paused "They are teens. Teens just like you."

There was a crash and suddenly we heard yelling.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are." Taunted a voice.

It was the girl. The girl that I heard outside. Her voice was sinister and daunting. As we all ran into the training dome, I hastily formed a portal and motioned for them all to go through. I followed after Mr. Brooks and now we were back at the valley.

We waited in a panic. We knew they would be here within a second.

After a few minutes, we heard a loud rustle in the trees.

We all stood in a line together, holding our ground as we got in our positions. Malina was already tracking the Threva girl's mind. Oliver began to fade and then appear again. He was readying his powers. I formed a portal and closed it as I readyed my powers too.

"They're here." Stated Malina, her voice serious but scared.

Suddenly, the Threva girl came into view. She had her four teammates with her.

"There's Jared, the one with red hair, Gideon, the blond, Adam the boy with the black hair, and Veronica is the girl on the far right." Explained Malina

"The girl... her name is Sarina." explained Malina as she stared down the girl

"Is she the Leader?" I questioned

"Very much so." answered Malina. "Strong... very strong."

I could tell. Sarina's teammates had street close on, but Sarina, she was dressed in all black, like me. Slick, black boots covered her feet and were up to her knees. Her hair was as black as the night and she had a long black, cloak that fluttered in the wind, a matching hood attached to it that covered her face in a dark shadow.

The other Threva kids walked behind her but Sarina, she glided. She was already using her powers and the fight hadn't even begun... this was not good. We were in trouble.

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