Chapter 13: Falling

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The walls were gray with dirt all over. The floors were brown and dusty. Every step leaving a footprint.

We were following behind Mr. Brooks who was leading us to the training dome.

I looked behind me. Dust was being kicked up by our feet and the air was cloudy.

We came to a stop. Mr. Brooks looked around the training dome then back at us. He studied us for a moment and turned back towards the training dome.

"Not enough room." I heard him mumble as we walked towards the exit.

As we came up to the exit, I could make out the light from the stars shining in. It was already night!? Mr. brooks stood in the middle of the exit. He looked up at the split in the cave where we came from. Suddenly, he was in the air and within a second was on the edge of the ravine where we came in from.

Jake, Malina, Sarah, and Oli walked towards the pit of the exit. Mr. Brooks put his hands out and the four of them began to float up towards Mr. Brooks. He concentrated as he used his powers. Once they were safe on the cliff's edge they began to walk away. Jake stayed at the edge. He looked down at me.

I concentrated hard. A moment later I was behind him. He was still looking down trying to figure out where I went. I tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned around quickly. Too quickly. His foot slipped off the edge of the cliff. I shot my hands out and concentrated hard. Jake was falling. Falling fast. I was getting nervous. I pushed my hands out further and put all my attention on Jake.

Suddenly a portal appeared right under Jake. He fell into it. I was stunned. Did I just make a portal? I thought I could only teleport.

I was unfocused which caused the portal to reappear at the top of the ravine. Jake fell out of it and into the portal which was now under him again. I was struggling to get ahold of the portal. It skipped around the cave, dropping and catching Jake. I repositioned my hands. They followed the portal around the room.

The portal appeared right next to the wall all the way across the ravine.

I looked at Jake. He was thinking. Jake looked behind him at the wall and noticed there was a small ledge coming up.

Jake pulled his legs in and timing it perfectly, kicked off the ledge. He soared through the air and directly to me. I backed up a bit and he landed right in front of me.

We looked at each other confused but happy that the other was safe.

Jake grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the cliff. We ran down the hill joking at each other the whole way.

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