Chapter 1: Everdeen

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I woke up early this morning to see the pink sun shining through my window. It was unusual but beautiful. I grabbed my black skinny jeans and my Pink Floyd shirt out of my dresser drawers. I slipped out of my pajamas and threw on my clothes. I snatched my lucky black choker and slipped it on as I ran to get my sneakers on and grab my leather jacket. It is my favorite.

"Mom, we need to go. I am going to be late." I said grabbing my backpack and rushing out the doors.

I heard my mom grab her keys and follow me out the door. I tossed my backpack into the trunk and hopped in the passenger seat. My mother was already seated and buckled as I got in and buckled up as well. She started the car and we backed out the driveway. I tapped my toes impatiently.

Soon we were at school. No one was there yet except for my coach and the rest of the archery team.

"Thanks, mom!" I exclaimed as I rushed towards the door

"Good luck Katherine!" My mom exclaimed as the door shut.

I looked back and gave her a small wave. Turning my head forward, I rushed downstairs towards the gym. I flung the door open, tossed my bag on the sidelines, and grabbed my bow, Everdeen. Yes, I named it after Katniss Everdeen. I am a little bit of an undercover geek but no one needs to know that.

I slid my arrow into place and aimed as I marched up to the target.

"Bullseye!" I whispered excitedly.

As I slid my next arrow into place I noticed my coach, Mr. Brooks walking up to me with his clipboard in hand.

"What happened this time?" He asked obviously tired of my bullshit.

"Dog ate my homework," I said sarcastically as I aimed my arrow.

"You know one day these excuses won't work." He stated obviously very uninterested

"Well until that happens I will keep using them," I replied as I shot the arrow, another bullseye.

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