Chapter 12: A Fine Team Indeed

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"You are!?" Jake asked surprised

"Yes, but I will be retiring to become Spati-Zeme Emperor."

"What power do you have?" Sarah Asked

"I am an Impressionist." He replied

"What is an Impressionist." Oliver Asked

"I can impersonate all powers but I am getting weaker as I get older. That is why you are here." Mr. Brooks. Explained, "Follow me."

With Mr. Brooks in the lead, we walked to a new part of the cavern. It was a big empty room.

"Who wants to go first?" Mr. Brooks ask "Oliver, what about you?"

Oliver stepped forward and into the center of the room.

"Do what you got to do," stated Mr. Brooks

We didn't need an explanation. We all knew what we were doing. We were discovering our powers.

Oli stood in the center with his eyes closed tight for about a minute until he suddenly vanished.

"Invisibility" stated Mr. Brooks "Sarah, you're up next."

Sarah walked to the center and stood there for a minute trying to perform her power but nothing happened.

"It's not working," she said as she looked at Mr. Brooks

"It's a material power," explained Mr. Brooks as he walked to the middle and placed his book a yard or so in front of Sarah.

It was as if something had clicked in Sarah's head. She smiled fiercely and directed her hands toward the book. The book shook for a second and then slowly lifted off the ground. She tossed it at Mr. Brooks.

"Telekinesis," He said to himself as he caught the book perfectly with one hand. "Malina, your up."

Malina stepped into the middle and stared intensely at Mr. Brooks. She was speaking to him. After about a minute Mr. Brooks spoke.

"Mind communication." He said as she returned to the line "Jake."

Jake stepped into the middle and got ready. He planted his foot and then shot of speeding so fast he was just a red blur. Jake stopped and smiled at Mr. Brooks.

"Speed" stated Mr. Brooks " Ok, Katherine."

I stepped into the middle and tried to sense my power. There was nothing.

"I can't," I explained

"Yes, you can. Keep trying" Mr. Brooks said calmly

"No, I can't"

"Yes, you can!"

Suddenly I was right in front of Mr. Brooks.

"No, I-"

"Yes, you can." Mr. Brooks said as he smiled "Teleportation."

Mr. Brooks looked at us for a second.

"This is a fine team," He stated happily " a fine team indeed."

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