chapter 5- pencils, books and Sophie

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Chapter 5- Pencils, books and Sophie

I sat pouting in the back seat of our new black car. The recently risen sun shone through the tinted windows. I fiddled with my bloodstone tied tightly around my neck. Why was he making me do this? In the front seat sat Cody and Haldi. They were staring at nothing in particular. I saw a couple of rowdy teenagers driving past us.

"Haldi, do I really have to go," I whined.

"You'll be too bored at home, and besides, wouldn't it be better to make new friends too. Cody is the only person you see every day," Haldi said.

"Cody's not the only person. I see you too."

"But you're still going."

"What if I lose control? I could snap at any moment."

"Say you feel sick"

"I feel sick."

"I can read your mind Elizabeth Edwards, stop making excuses."

"Fine." I sat back in the seat of the car and crossed my arms. This was going to be horrible. Cody sent me a message in my head.

Just put a smile on and be happy. School will be fun. You will see.

Yeah right. I shot back.

I was silent for the rest of the trip. I sighed and lent my head on the cold window. I saw my reflection and quickly fixed my hair. 

Haldi pulled the car up into the school car park. From all around, heads turned toward us. I slightly opened the car door. Everyone was whispering now. The sweet smell of fresh blood flooded my nose. I saw all the other cars in the car park. Old, rusty, pale, peeling paint. Cody grabbed my arm and pulled me in the school. We went through the hallways. There were a couple of classrooms and other offices. Graffiti lined the walls. We passed a rundown group of lockers but other than that, all we passed was doors.

We got to a glass door with a sign on the front that said principle. We knocked and opened the door.

"Hi, I'm Mrs. Moretti. The principle," A short stump lady said, "This is my daughter Sophia and my son Juleous." Sophia gave a small wave and a sad smile. I could tell she was hiding something but I wasn't going to snoop. She was very pretty. She had emerald green eyes and deep brown hair. Her cheeks were flushed red. I looked down at her neck. Veins pulsed. I could imagine sinking my teeth into her neck. The sweet sensation cooling my burning throat. The pure, exquisite, warming blood. Elizabeth, snap out of it. I blinked and saw Sophia talking to me. Sophia grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the office. Whoops missed that whole speech.

"I'm in your class. And by the way call me Sophie, not Sophia. Sophia is just olden days." Sophie made a face and laughed. She pulled me along the hallway into a classroom. Inside were several girls sitting and laughing.

"Hey guys, this is Elizabeth. She's new." Sophie pulled out two chairs and we sat down, Sophie introduced me to the girls at the table.

"This is Summer Zecla." She pointed at a kind of tall skinny girl. She had deep brown eyes and pretty brown hair. She was wearing a t-shirt covered in paint. "She's really good at art. See those paintings on the wall," she pointed at the most beautiful painting I had ever seen. It was of a field with a couple of butterflies flying in the air. "She painted them." Summer waved at me.

"This is Charlotte Ivashcoe," she looked at a short, very skinny girl. She had long silky black hair. Her eyes were as black as midnight. "She is obsessed with fashion." I could see that. She was wearing a black tight top and skinny jeans. It was plain, but it looked great on her. It made her silky brown hair stand out. It blended with her dark black eyes. She smiled.

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